“Sun2Soil” - Dissolving Nutri-Membrane (SSDNM) - A Perm-Tech Innovation from Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com


“Sun2Soil” - Dissolving Nutri-Membrane (SSDNM) - A Perm-Tech Innovation from Willi Paul Studio/ Planetshifter.com

“Sun2Soil” - Dissolving Nutri-Membrane (SSDNM)

SSDNM is a light weight, ultra-thin, photo-sensitive and nutrient rich membrane composed of processed organic compost and soil enhancing nutrients.

First, the SSDNM technology supports green jobs as workers are needed to combine and manufacture the collected compost and soil enhancing nutrients into a membrane for use on organic farms and home gardens.

Employment is offered at a second time in the field when the Nutri-Membrane is placed on top of the newly planted field and slowly dissolves naturally with sun and water, helping to keep the moisture levels high underneath the membrane until the seedlings break-through the soil and emerge into the open air. Some ingredients in the membrane are also directly absorbed by the leaves of the seedlings.

At this stage, the membrane breaks apart from the shoots and falls into surrounding soil, releasing the remaining life nutrients from the Sun2Soil membrane. SSDNM works naturally with any crop.

The Sun2Soil Dissolving Nutri-Membrane technology is especially scaled for neighborhood permaculture grow projects, urban gardening and family food production that protect community, jobs and Nature.

Challenges include selecting and sourcing the right nutrients, along with soil testing and locating a steady reservoir of organic compost. Also, can the membrane be made on locally, on site, to close the loop?

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For more information about research and community investment opportunities –
Please contact: willipaul1 at gmail.com

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