"Phytoncides and the Forest Drip Coop" - New Myth #82 by Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com
"Phytoncides and the Forest Drip Coop" - New Myth #82 by Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com

Sylvie and Canyon are giving new meaning to the timeless phrase "living off the land"- they are collecting life affirming, naturally occurring biochemicals from their forest canopy called Phytoncides, or "Phytons," for naturopathic home remedies.

Phytoncides are antimicrobial organic compounds derived from plants. They are widely used in Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese and Japanese medicine, including holistic medicine, aromatherapy, and veterinary medicine. More than 5,000 volatile substances defend the surrounding plants from bacteria, fungi and insects. Phytoncides work by preventing the growth of the attacking organism.

Phytoncides are now a Nature-based, cottage industry for the young Montana couple.

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Canyon, a former permaculture teacher in Missoula, offers up a science drenched explanation to a neighbor: "Spices, onion, garlic, tea tree, oak, cedar, locust, pine, and many other plants give off Phytoncides. Oak contains a substance called greenery alcohol. Garlic contains disulfides. The shrubby sophora contains sophoraflavanone G. Pine contains myrcene and other terpenes."

Their business model is much less complex to explain than their science.

To gather the various Phytons from the trees, the duo invented a stretched and framed cotton sheeting or "nature drip wing" as a land-based fishing net for drops of moisture collected in times of heavy mist or light rain. The diluted liquid is then saved in recycled Bell jars for the processing.

From the wet bark of trees, they also collect Phytons with cotton wicks or strips for aromatherapy products.

The mixture of Phytoncides and water is then distillation with sunshine to concentrate it. This product can be added directly to the body as a tincture plus lotion mixture or added to a hot tub or bath for slow soak healing.

Sylvie loves to sprinkle the tincture in the pine boughs in their sweat lodge when they enjoy a cleanse.

The Forest Drip Coop is a deep community member and regular at the local Farmer's Market, selling creams, scent sticks and small concentrated liquid vials of Phytons - Nature's finest!