Journey Council of the Tillamook Tribe. New Myth 19 - Willi Paul,
Journey Council of the Tillamook Tribe. New Myth 19 - Willi Paul,

Sun is rising on the water
Light is dancing like a flame
There's no burning where the sun beams
Oh it's such a lovely game

Does the sea dream (I'm sure)
We are here, we attend
We are bells on the shore
where the tolling suspends

Who will decide the shape of things
The shift of being
Who will perceive
When life is new
Shall we divide and become another

Who is due for gift upon gift
Who will decide
Shall we swim over and over
The curve of a wing
Its destination ever changing

Let's go under
Going under

"Going Under" by Patti Smith (ed.)

* * * * * * *

Henry Smith, the Chief Guide from the Journey Council of the Tillamook Tribe called for quiet in the former town Masonic Hall and declared the meeting open to all. Two years have passed since the 11.7 Pan American Earthquake of 2013 cracked the rest of the corrupt and crumbling county government into pebbles. Many live in former retail shops, schools or tents and are eager to learn the permaculture way.

"We are a critical connection, a living and breathing vision for the future," he decried. "We support the local struggle to be free to grow what we can and barter for what we cannot. Our values also include working in harmony with the land, mediating community conflicts and embracing Nature's alchemic wisdom for spiritual guidance. We support the Global Principles."

"Please - let us all be silent for one moment and focus on our honored young people and their new work."

The Journey In & Out

Each year the 27 Tribes of the West Coast Region select three young adults to journey north or south to exchange of new urban agricultural tools and techniques but also new stories of community spirit. Not like the old Mormon - the Tribes representatives undertake no canvassing or propagandizing. Typically the youths weave into teaching, community organizing, soil science, visioning or historian roles in their host Tribes.

Melisa, Jon and Rorc stand to receive the destination and the symbol of their journeys.

"Melisa!" You will do the Tribe proud. Your love of the Earth - of farm stories and song - will open many doors at the Santa Barbara Tribe." Your symbol is the Green Cross. Hear is your pendant - Namaste.

"Jon, be safe on your journey to the Bainbridge Tribe. Stay Dry! We have selected the Crow and this feather set for your penchant for vision as your guide. Peace."

"Rorc, please take this Kennedy dollar coin as your symbol. We shall look forward to how your economic ideas evolved at the Sedona Tribe."

The Chief Guide then explained that Jon would travel to his exchange site via boat so he could take supplies for their friends there. Melissa and Rorc will be allocated one strong horse each - and a guard for protection.

"We look forward to exchanging science and lore with our own Tribal guest starting next week," he called.

Aquarian Light

The young Tribal people who exchange their knowledge and grow local culture on these sharing journeys are seen as the new " perma-gene" of the Transition era. With television gone and the Internet in disrepair, their heroism and determination are critical to building community character and hope.

* * * * * * *