New Myth 13: BioChar & Shovel, Permaculture Union Local 473, 2023 AD. Audio on YouTube. By Willi Paul, Magazine
New Myth 13: BioChar & Shovel, Permaculture Union Local 473, 2023 AD. Audio on YouTube. By Willi Paul, Magazine

Listen to the author read the work on YouTube and follow along with the text below.

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The cob slingers always had a thing for the metal mashers. One always seems to stick into the other!

Tonight the contour jockeys and the water shapers are in the back, planning their next marsh mellow attack on the pot throwers dusk-borne fire circle after the hands-up.

The bad smiles from the seed bankers always please. Dowsers and crushed pavement fairies are here tonight, voting on a benefits package from the permie princesses, farmers and school queens who employ them.

The compost league - a funny name for the shit & soil mixers - came to bounce their dark eye balls at the hay balers.

JonnieRoo: "What we want is more beer coupons. Who cares about an extra two fruit portions a month anyway!"

Vernski: "No more volunteering. I have my PDC!"

A feisty crowd getting feistier.

The annual contract "bash" with the land owners and their PC consultants & teachers regime is the same old mixture of cartoonish benefit fights (consider a sixth 3 minute water break for full-time workers per day) and some minor dental ads. Most of the Union have lost their teeth anyway. Any worker caring for a new born can now "enjoy" child care at a "reasonable rate."

The one thing that keeps the horses pulling in this muddy bi-layered human ecosystem is land. And there is mountains of damaged parcels all across the great Guild. A kind of unspoken serfdom creped in with the land-blessed after the final exhale and crash of the capitalist economy in 2022.

From the back: "More paid holidays, more paid holidays."

Sandra Wicker: "The tools cause calluses. We want new gloves on demand!"

The A-Frame Monkeys were doing their crazy line dance on their seats near the stage. These guys have the largest egos of the bunch.

"Sit down already and let's get to the voting!"

Metaphors abound. Are these 76 dirt tired peeps akin to the "permaculture dwarfs"? Santa's dirty little elves? "The Care for the Earth Kids?"

All good natured team, see the new blue-green collar beans!

The yield tonight is an integrated vision with one voice. Diverse and creative; the family One.

"Who needs a ride?"

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