Raising Capital for a CleanTech China: The PlanetShifter.com Magazine & Networks Interview with Mohamed Jarraya, Future Trends International
Raising Capital for a CleanTech China: The PlanetShifter.com Magazine & Networks Interview with Mohamed Jarraya, Future Trends International

"The core focus of the corporation is oil and gas and energy, and related funds and investments in China. Our abundant preferential availability of sources of oil, gas and other scarce energy resources from our supply side, Middle East, and two decades of experience, influence and operational know-how in dealing with oil and gas projects in China, added with our several oil and gas and energy funds and partnership with investment houses complete our triangular formula of supply, market and finance and place us in a unique position to assist major financial corporations and enterprises, capital groups and money-owners to capture a good share of the largest industry in the largest market of the world by organizing a large portion and a series of supply of scarce oil and gas and petrochemical resources, and applying them to a series of market-side projects with the right operators in a five to ten-year period."

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How do you calculate risk in your investment deals? ROI?

The methods/criteria usually used for evaluating projects are ROI, PBP (pay back period), BCR (benefit cost ratio) and NPV (net present worth or value) but ROI and PBP are undiscounted measures, after considering those very important and undiscounted coefficient, we consider as second evaluation stage some strategic component such as investment in direct equity within income generating projects and so we consider if the project is in an expansion faze, we also consider the team management and his experience in the industry, as well as the purpose for raising the money if is to acquire facilities, marketing or for R&D purpose.

Are you working with sustainable values and practices? If so, how?

Meeting the challenges of creating a sustainable global society, we believe that to reach this goal we need sustainable values and that's why we dedicate a monthly meeting to discuss and exchange ideas about how to meet the need of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet they needs. Since we believe that education is the "major business component key" in international practice we offer a special training program to our staff to ameliorate they skills and practices since a sustainable society needs a sustainable education system.

What are the key business barriers when working in China?

One of the most important key business when working in China is the Chinese language, since the reward in business with the local country language is greater.

What is the right way to connect with Future Trends about a deal?

Just shoot me an email at mohamed.jarraya at future-trends.org

What is your feeling about the US BP Gulf oil spill debacle?

We are talking about one of the worst cases in the brown industry and I feel very bad about it. In the offshore golf (platform) of Mexico one pipeline has broken and cost independently 300M dollar to BP, because of that accident the oil reached the cost and many animals have got diseases as well as many agricultural industries has stopped, like fishing and so in reality it has cost a lot more in term of billions to the country.

Do you believe in the concept / dangers of peak oil and this critical juncture in the world's history?

Many professional in the brown field industry acknowledged that there is secret data who not much people knows, some countries haven't even tap the reserve like Iran who is the second largest Oil producer as well as second largest Gas producer and this makes Iran the Number 1 energy country in the world. There is no quick alternative to replace the brown energy and for long term unfortunately the world have to depend in oil gas.

Future Trends International focuses on oil and gas but how do you see the value of alternative fuels?

As we have one of the most active department engaged in Oil & Gas trading in second world's largest consumer on energy "China", we also have a very professional and active team who already have directing investment from the largest sources of capital to many CleanTech groups/projects around the world and specially into China since is our area of expertise.

How is business in Iran? Are you supporting the expansion of nuclear power there?

We don't have any business operation with Iran and we support full diplomacy in resolving the issues on Iran's clear situation with world.

"The Services Department of the Future Trends International is a China specialist professional services group-" Who are you representing currently in China?

We are representing several mandates in energy, construction as well as finance industry but unfortunately are confidential information.

Mohamed Jarraya Bio -

Mohamed was born and raised in Tunisia. After accomplishment of a Degree in Management of Financial Institutions from the Higher Business School of Tunisia, he travel to Mainland China following the trends and he spent the next two years in International & cultures mix environment doing Masters' in International Economics & Business in Shanghai University and extending his network worldwide.

Mohamed is trained in international business and finance; he is fluent in English, Arabic, French, Spanish and intermediate speaker in Chinese. He has previously been teaching mathematics and quantitative & qualitative method in statistics among Logit, Probit, Etc...

He is currently with Future Trends in Shanghai, a China and Middle East expert capital raising company with blanket coverage over all major sources of capital in China and the Middle East among royal families, sovereign wealth funds, institutional investors, and family offices.

Future Trends International help banks, funds, fund managers, other financial institutions, and major enterprises raise large, strategic, long-term, on-call, and silent capital.

Connections -

Mohamed Jarraya
Account Manager - Shanghai Branch
Future Trends International
mohamed.jarraya at future-trends.org
mohamed_jarraya at hotmail.com