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Emil: Hello Willi, Going through PDC & Place-making courses…and volunteering in Portland metro I’ve noticed, that the area is changing & growing harmoniously, having enough people involved in the thriving process ….but some of us still struggling with opportunities of running own small business or owning /shearing house & land….due high cost, overpopulation, tough competition level. Some of us has limited leadership opportunities due to “competitions” with highly experienced <> people packed in the area. Some just would want to try Permaculture applications in small town /rural areas , but don’t have enough info were to begin /start from. In my own opinion …It’s causing a stagnation & slowing down a permaculture spreading process. So, I would like to introduce FB public group page <> and invite you & your friends to take a quick look on it & shear the info . Community activists, organizers, artists, gardeners ,healers, place-makers , permaculture & prep. people ,Green revolutionary artisans & small scale business/farming dreamers & professionals ...we are looking for you to form together a new cluster /territory of happiness & balance in our beautiful PNW regions’ rural area. (read the description).

We are right in between Portland & Seattle ...on a road to Mt. Rainier National park...with a setup infrastructure . We need enthusiasts who want to try their skills as a community organizers, permaculturists, small business owners & creators of culture of change….outside of metro area. We are calling for revolutionary experiment to make….taking abandoned, poor, stubborn, conservative de-populated rural area …and converting it into a blooming small paradise , creating a cluster of happy & healthy communities based on permaculture principles & running on local economy(small business only) platform.

Lost interest & hope in advanced/hi tech industry, and modern society (western civilization) management principles ....just became a grandpa(at 46) , spiritually connected to Mt. area (specifically Mt. Rainier) ...While traveling around PNW area was shocked about dis-balance/disproportion between progressive metro areas & absolutely degraded rural communities ....want to see & be involved in change. I see a huge potential in the area (I was talking you about) ...but wouldn't be able to move things forward by myself.

Bought a little acreage in Mineral, WA ...and slowly step by step developing a family homestead...mostly for future generations to come ....based on permaculture principles. Talked to people about my views & dreams & find out that might be a lot of interest ,.... but my "accent" & financial instability (in rural areas) scared people away. Mineral is unincorporated town ....means out of local Chamber of commerce control .Morton's & Eatonville's chamber of commerce ....technically asked me how much money I have to invest in the area :)))) Bought some trees last spring ....announcing a volunteering project , but got just 1 person showed up :((((

My interest is to convert area into a cluster of small communities and possibly small farms/homestead coops/eco-villages /ethno-villages/craftsman villages ....make people (young families stay in rural areas...not moving to close metro areas with expensive life ), bring them back to old traditions to became food growers, gardeners , small local business owners, artisans, craftsmans' etc
....Your role? Based on your experience & knowledge, connections with people be involved in mentoring, consulting , advertising , convert or help turn people’s eyes into rural "green revolution" projects ... if you will etc.

Willi:: Seems clear that you need to put together a coalition of like-minded citizens who share your vision and passions. Do you have such a group now? If not, do you have a plan to put one together?

Emil: Oh, I'm sorry Willi....for some reason I thought you are in Portland metro ;) Great project in Minnesota ....I will look into it more seriously . No I don't have a coalition put together yet ....but I'm trying to work on pre-coalition formation ....the FB page is part of it....and GOSH it's hard with these people .......but I'm not going away.

The problem is that I’m permanently live in Sherwood OR ...and The paradise area is about 2.5-3 hrs drive time from me for now WEEKENDS only. Hoping/dreaming to move permanently by next spring (2018). Interview for Press?....I afraid...we are still far away from these actions. We need like-minded active enthusiastic skilled people on the ground.....who really understands the problem & can talk to these people’s "same language". The culture of loggers & miners man...its something , if you know what I mean ? ;)

Willi Paul Studio, a Socially Responsible Media Partner, Launches on

Love the looks of your new venture: hope it gets some good response.
Bonnie Bright,

Hi Community – Check out a new virtual contract media offering called Willi Paul Studio. To be sure, LinkedIn is a low-cost, easy customized solution that caters to a massive global employment and services market. Yes, I realize that most folks in this listserv tackle their own messaging, web sites and gardens, DIY-style. But how we can team-up to maximize your boot-strap’d budget to realize more contracts and followers?

Do you need a custom online discussion producer for an innovative project; a thought leader interview?

We all need more recommendations and referrals!

One of the reasons that I designed this virtual business is to bring sustainable values to what many call the main stream. On LinkedIn, the Transition movement is nascent, to say the least, but it’s localization and energy-saving messages are breaking through every day and helping to raise consciousness.

This Studio is only the second tier of the build-out as other components are coming soon.
My tool kit is your tool kit!
Peace, Willi

"Alternatives to Capitalism: Materialism, Consumption and Waste” - Online Discussion - February 13 – 24, 2017. Co-Facilitators: Peter Ruddock and Willi Paul. Sign-up via Google Groups. Sponsored by

​Thank you all for ​joining in this important discussion. By now, you should have received email notices concerning Peter's feedback on the Waste Topic, and my video link concerning an anti-growth strategy called "de-growth."

Note that the initial content at the site is just a catalyst for opinions and debate to come. The real work begins now as you challenge the group with your own ideas and goals.

So. Jump in. React and question. You ave a solid team behind you. Feel free to invite more people.

Link to the Google Groups site:!forum/alternatives-to-capitalism-materialism-consumption-and-waste

See you online,
Peter & Willi

Dear Willi, Thank you for your continued interest in McFarland, and we hope you had a wonderful holiday season as well! You’re welcome to send us a revised proposal at your convenience. Please include a straightforward description of the work, a tentative table of contents, and any sample chapters you might have available. Sincerely,
Lacey Dylan Julian, Editorial Assistant
McFarland & Co., Inc., Publishers

Prayer for the Anarchists” - by Willi Paul, Mythologist.

From east bay permaculture - 2/6/17

Interviews about the shut down of last week's Milo Yiannopoulos event at UC Berkeley with Yvette Felarca of BAMN, and John, a participant of black bloc, on A Rude Awakening with Sabrina Jacobs, February 6, 2017, on KPFA:

thanks for the link. From what I gathered from a one-sided KPFA interview, violence will attack Fascism in future events on campus.... very scary and dis-heartening. Chaos. Hence my prayer.

As someone convinced of the effectiveness of nonviolent means over violent means, I'm grateful to the group of anarchists at UC Berkeley for the following reasons:

1. Nonviolence needs to escalate as tensions rise and people's lives become increasingly put at risk. Protest is a Phase 1 action of the Escalation Curve of nonviolence, and they've signaled to us by their "success" that it's really time to move, like now, to Phase 2: Satyagraha, nonviolent direct action. Creative and disciplined. BEYOND protest. Will we hear that signal and understand it?

2. I refuse to make nonviolence an ideology. It has to be a choice. Don't let anyone think that you are clinging to nonviolence because a. You don't care about people's lives as much as you care about property, windows, etc.; or b. You choose nonviolence out of fear or cowardice. We choose nonviolence because we are convinced it's more effective. Is it any surprise that people "understand" violent means? But this is the cycle of abuse that I want to see end. Abusive force, in families and the wider sphere, stops with us. If we say we are for nonviolence we have to show that it is dynamic and effective. Not repeating mistakes or plain imitation of former movements. Really dynamic and creative. A signal of our freedom, not an ideological constraint.

3. It's entirely un-strategic to divide ourselves against the anarchist movement. We need to find ways of working together and having common respect. We have common goals. Let's talk about those.

4. Anarchists are good organizers. As a "movement" they strategize, plan, articulate their vision, use key points for media, train, create their own media, try to live out their values, and even ask each other to learn from their actions. How can the nonviolent movement be more like the anarchist movement? How can we raise the stakes in nonviolence so we don't leave room for violence to seem necessary?

5. Nonviolence and pacifism are not the same. Nonviolence does not eschew every single act of violence, actually. Mostly in extreme and emergency situations. Sometimes using lethal force to protect someone in an emergency is the least worst choice. But in such a case it does say that we have to ask ourselves "What just happened?" and "How can we avoid violence in the future?"

6. The time for critical thinking is now. We have to think short and long-term, and be willing to listen and learn from other movements.

Good ideas. When the anarchists are beating us, spraying us - can we use non-violence back against such a totalitarian, rogue violence-fueled regime? Love to hear more about Phase 2: Satyagraha, nonviolent direct action. Creative and disciplined. BEYOND protest. Will we hear that signal and understand it?
WOX (wants to integrate, not separate....)

I'm puzzled why you think anarchists are going to beat you, Willi. Since you say you want to integrate, not separate, it doesn't sound like you've become a neo-Nazi, so I don't think you have to worry about becoming the target of a black bloc.

Whether everyone in the black bloc that shut down Milo Yiannopoulos last week was an anarchist is impossible to know. In any case, I urge you to read up on anarchism and its history, rather than trust the misrepresentations about anarchists in the mainstream media. For starters, you can thank the anarchists who died at Chicago's Haymarket in 1886 for the 8-hour work day. While the KPFA interviews may have seemed one-sided, they only do so when you take them out of the larger, truly one-sided context of nearly every other media outlet regurgitating the same misrepresentations. These interviews on KPFA are some of the rare times that we actually hear from people who the mainstream media only spins tales about. They represent the other side of a one-sided dominant narrative.

Nonviolence is a good general policy to live by, but I also believe in self-defense.

The shut down of the Milo event was not random violence, but a response to violence perpetrated by Milo and his followers. Two months ago he outed and harassed a transwoman in Milwaukee in a room full of bigots, and a couple of weeks ago one of his supporters shot a trade unionist of the IWW outside a Milo event in Seattle. His events are recruiting rallies for the alt-right, that bring neo-fascists onto our campuses and into our neighborhoods, and endanger our communities.

Klansmen and neo-Nazis stabbed protesters in San Diego a year ago, and again in Sacramento last June. There's a massive increase in hate crimes since the election, both in the streets, and at the hands of the state. Even closer to home, in the last couple of years we've seen racist terror threats invoking the Klan at Berkeley High School. We are way past dialogue. It saddens me that anyone would feel more threatened by a black bloc than by the neo-fascists gaining power and legitimacy through the Trump administration. As a grandchild of resisters against the Nazi regime I am relieved, and grateful for all who had the courage to take direct action to shut down those fascist recruiting grounds last week.

Isis –
Most people I know are against all violent extremists and their tactics including the Neo-Nazis, the Fascists, Trump and most certainly the Black Bloc (BB). I have seen the BB pepper spray, window breaking, fires and gang fights on television.
All of these groups are using the media to promote fear, intimidation and costume to promote a cause. I support none of you. As an activist involved in transitioning to local economies and food security, my wish is for all of these radicals to come back to permaculture and build real communities, not tear us apart. Violence gets us more violence, Milo? Where does this end? Add yes, there is much to learn from this, Stephanie. This is indeed an unenlightened age. The Chaos Age. I hope you find peace. I am deeply fearful.
Much love WOX

Thank you so much for writing this. I also have been thinking about, learning about, the Black Bloc. In recent protests in Berkeley there was a very large peaceful demonstration and a much smaller group of Black Bloc. However, it seems many people think of them as if they represent everybody on the leftward end of the spectrum.
Elaine Zabloki, Eugene Permaculture

From Twitter:

if they can be disciplined anti-fascists i could stomach them

Discursive reasoning has been replaced by memetic (meme-based) reasoning... Which is appropriate to fascism which is based on analogy, synthesis, mythopoieia, and dream..., rather than analysis

I'd argue that mythopoeia/dream are essential, that it's foolish to expect most people most of the time to have a critical relationship to the world (even if they have an antagonistic one), and the problem is that usually only the fascists and relig right allow for an affirmative relationship to that. Dreams don't have to be wish fulfillment or confirmation, they are often upsetting, challenging, a form of introspection that leads to growth, integration, and maturity

Hi William, Thanks for all your great posts.
Les Squires - Curator, Transition in Action FB

Love to you on your journey,
Claire Darling, Portland

Thanks for all your good work!
Linda Buzzell, Huffington Post

"Permaculture? Just another Vacation in Paradise?” Article by Tobias Roberts plus Interview with Tobias and Willi Paul,

Super interesting ideas; imagine stumbling across this Craigslist ad? 3 Three-for-One: Ad, Article and Interview. Great stuff and important questions.
David Wallace, east bay permaculture

Thanks for the feedback. Stumbling aside, I use google alerts for all things permaculture.

Thanks. My first reaction to "then tell the people what they needed to do to fix their community" is to think how incredibly condescending that is. I'm glad this is being discussed in permaculture/transition circles.
Anna Ravenscroft TPA

Joseph Herbert Loves this! How to Decolonize The Permaculture Movement" tip#1 (from the article): - Stop Buying Land in Shangri-La Areas Around the World
Rethinking Permaculture FB Group

I hadn´t seen your magazine until now. Looks fantastic!

Meditation to Land” – Soundscape. New Myth #92 by Willi Paul, Mythologist,

Way cool! you finally made it to S.E. Asia!!! Don't forget Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai and of course Pai - Thailand. Also their are some cool spots in Laos?
Matt Lawson

My name is Ziv. My wife, Yael, and I are currently working on creating a food swapping community in San Francisco. The idea is simple: people who grow food in their back yards or in community gardens and have surplus produce, or people who make certain types of homemade food – like canned and baked goods – can swap with each other. We are doing this because we believe in the power of community, and we think that a food swapping community can help improve the urban food system and reduce food waste. We started this project originally because we really appreciate homegrown and home-made food. But our vision is far beyond that. We believe that we can and should reduce carbon footprint, and we believe that local resources can and will be utilized more and more in the future. And we believe that we can and should help people connect. We used SwapEat so far to swap food with people we didn't know before. I'm glad we met them. And the stuff we got was awesome. For example I baked a whole wheat bread and exchanged it with Nicholas who gave me a bag of torpedo onions from his garden. It was really a positive experience for both of us.

Willi: Ziv - I looked for your profile at LinkedIn. Did I miss it?! Just jet-lagged back in from Hanoi, Hoi Chi Minh City and other (toxic) places and keep recalling the market systems there. "Scooter in, walk home." Really local! I am fond of writing that "technology cannot save you ... your project reminds me of this mantra. You might benefit from a scenario that excludes the internet.... And I think many in the permacultural movement would appreciate more on your values. Are you a capitalist? Back to bed. And the night market.

Ziv: Capitalism? hell no. I was born and raised in a kibbutz in Israel. We're working on creating a new type of monetary system, but with rules that won't allow you to gain capital I'll be more than happy to have you in our community. If want to check it out goto Cheers,

Willi, has the purpose of connecting neighbors in a community together. When you join, you're expected to enter your address, and there is verification by sending a postcard to the address. Your posts are seen by other members in the vicinity, and you can only see posts from people in your vicinity. For me, my vicinity lets me see postings in Santa Clara and part of San Jose. The postings aren't just for garage sales and looking for spare boxes or people saying they have a pile of old lumber to dispose of. Sometimes the posts are community activism and issues. Santa Clara has been doing a good job posting things about the city. For example, since we (for better or for worse) have that football stadium, the city posts announcements of any special event at the stadium, to warn people of traffic problems in the area. In other words - NextDoor is a good avenue for community activism outreach on topics that should be of interest to your neighbors. For example there's a fellow I've met, Kirk Vartan, he owns the "A Slice of New York" Pizzeria, who is very interested in urban design issues. He's been pushing for saner use of some land in his neighborhood, most especially a 6 acre parcel on Winchester across from that big shopping mall at Stevens Crk and Winchester. He'd been posting stuff about the site regularly on NextDoor (and Facebook) describing meetings he'd attended or held. His efforts had some success because Santa Clara has decided on a very cool plan to build an "agrihood" on the site.
David Herron

Can anyone at Nature Sounds Society point me to anyone who has translated nature sounds to graphic or mythic symbols?

That is a truly profound question. I’d like to know as well. I am reading some prehistoric novels and wonder if the Marija Gimbutas crowd has any insights.
Lou Judson, Intuitive Audio

Of course there is the work of R. Murray Schafer which includes graphic notation of sounds in biophony, and his ritualistic environmental compositions.

jeremiah moore | SOUND | San Francisco -

Just a side whisper…I was just listening to David Abrams audio from Human-Nature conference at Pacifica Graduate Institute (mythology-big). Not sure if the Deep Ecology movement can offer ideas for your question - ... aha! apologies Well, clearly if I had checked your “About” info on your web site I would have seen that you were already part of that Pacifica Univ, Joseph Campbell’s camp etc…
best to all the good energy you give the planet, All the best,
Elayne (silver goose),

“Trump the Anti-Christ” - Foreshadow by Willi Paul
Willi, this post, and its sister post, "Trump the Antichrist" strike me as being classic examples of projection. It does not matter whether trump is actually "an Antichrist" figure or not, because you appear to be so busy projecting your own un-faced version of Trump onto Trump that you will only ever be powerless to do anything proactive in the face of any real "Antichrist". We experience that strange sense of impotence in the face of Hitler, and all such Antichrists, because there is an un-faced version of him within us, and we cannot fight on two fronts. It is only in facing the "Antichrist" in ourselves that we gain the power to deal with the Antichrists in the world around us. Until then we will only be boxing with SHADOWS (our own)
John Brusseau, LI, Jungian (Analytical) Psychology Group

"Projection" as you describe, is not something I understand. But there seems something valuable in how you say, facing the anti-christ in myself. I see more Christ in my work than the opposite! Thanks!

Well first I'd be curious why you're likening him to / against Christ. He might be more of an Anti-Buddha than Anti-Christ. I personally find the term Anti-Christ sort of ambiguous, vague, and therefore limp.

To define an anti-mythology, you have to define the first mythology: so if you want to argue he's the opposite of Christ, a breakdown would be along these lines:

• Christ as healer vs. Trump as wounder / poisoner.
• Christ as of poor origin vs. Trump as of rich origin.
• Christ as sacred vs. Trump as profane.

The thing that's tricky about this is it's really hard to compare someone's mythology off of a different mythology. Sure I could call Harry Potter the Anti-Arthur because Harry Potter is a magician while Arthur is not, but why not just liken Harry to Merlin? On that note, if you want to argue the Trump is the Anti-Christ, why focus on the term "Anti-Christ"? Why not just use Satan?

The problem I can see with this is that Satan, when looked at mythologically, becomes a sympathetic figure. The word Satan itself comes from Sheitan which originally was a type of a jinn from Persia / Arabic cultures. Unless you're willing to look at Trump sympathetically, I would argue a Satan comparison wouldn't be interesting. I think you might come up with some more meaningful associations to Trump if you sort out what his mythology actually is. You could aim for stories like The Emperor's Clothes, to the Fool King or even Don Quixote. Robert A. Johnson has a terrific book called Transformation of Masculine Consciousness which outlines Don Quixote as a symbol of 2D consciousness. There's right and wrong, and no in between. Though this mythology works much better for George W. Bush in my opinion.

The problem with Trump is that he's utilizing a confusion trance. This could be due to too much cocaine usage over the years, or it could be due to methods utilized by Russia to keep their people guessing (see Adam Curtis' documentary Hyper-Normalization). I think the real problem right now is we're all in a Don Quixote mindset. We all have our own realities, custom tailored to us. Our mythologies are floating apart like melting icebergs, being further and further away as they waste away. That's what happens when you get customized news and everyone feels safe not having to listen to opposing perspectives. We get piss poor at it. Now to be honest, I find Trump to be cringeworthy. Much of what he says, much of what he does, his amount of reversing himself. The biggest red flag I see with him is his tendency to take responsibility for things he does not deserve while at the same time blaming others for things he should take responsibility for. And so, I think he's operating from a very childish mythology. I think his internal storyline is as childish as I think the storyline of Beowulf is childish. There is simply nothing interesting to me in Beowulf. The hero is impervious to everything, can do no wrong, never has to struggle, just gets things his own way. The tip off to me about Beowulf being a child's fantasy is the moment when he grabs the giant sword to kill Grendel's mother, well that's wishing you could swing Daddy's sword. So likening Trump to a Christ like figure is sort of peculiar in my eyes. It's like calling Sarah Palin the Anti-Wonder Woman. They just don't line up, symbolically speaking because they don't have the clout at all. That's my 2 cents.

Another piece on this too, when I was a bit younger, my grandfather who had served in World War 2, strangely enough in the German army gave me a prediction. This was just after 9/11 and he was really upset about the Republicans and Neo-cons under Bush's administration. He said that they reminded him of the Nazis and he hated Nazis. (He had actually tried killing the Nazi spy in his unit in order to defect from the German army). So at this point he turned to me and he said, "You know, this country won't appreciate what it has until it elects its own Hitler to take it all away."

I agree with that statement, and you could liken Trump to Hitler too, but don't do it in a way which is predictable. For example, a lot of the high Nazis were taking a drug called Pervitin in order to Blitzkrieg. My grandfather told stories of taking it to stay up all night. Pervitin is basically methamphetamine.

So that reminds me a bit of the Tao Te Ching lines 69 and 67:


"There is no greater misfortune
than underestimating your enemy.
Underestimating your enemy
means thinking that he is evil.
Thus you destroy your three treasures
and become an enemy yourself. "

67: (the three treasures reference above)

"I have just three things to teach:
simplicity, patience, compassion.
These three are your greatest treasures.
Simple in actions and in thoughts,
you return to the source of being.
Patient with both friends and enemies,
you accord with the way things are.
Compassionate toward yourself,
you reconcile all beings in the world."
Richard Schwab, Mythological Consultant,

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