2017-2009 Interviews

2017 Interviews

The Pattern Legacy” - Interview with Adam Brock, author of “Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation.” Plus: Study Questions. From Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com

Selling the Myth-Tech Code” - Article and Interview: Tim Hinchliffe (Sociable.co) - by Willi Paul (Planetshifter.com)

“White Board Democracy: A New Community Ritual for the Farmer’s Market?” - New Myth #94 plus Interview with Carol Reed, Burlington, WI Farmers Market. New Mythology by Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com

“Círculo de Colaboradores” – Interview with Susan Silber, NorCal Community Resilience Network (NorCal Network) & Circle of Collaborators. By Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com

“Global Permaculture not Politics!” – Interview with Rhamis Kent, Co-Director, The Permaculture Research Institute (Australia & USA). By Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com

“Sustainable Lifeways for an Uncertain Future” - Interview with NikiAnne Feinberg, Director and Co-Founder of the School of Integrated Living (SOIL) at Earthaven Ecovillage, Black Mountain, NC. By Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com

2016 Interviews

“The sounds of self-governance clashing” - Interview with Sociocracy Expert John Schinnerer, The Sociocracy Consulting Group, by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com

“In Cahoots with the People” - Interview with activist Trathen Heckman in support of his TeleSeminar with Transition US (10/12/16). PR by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com

“Enlighten” – An Interview with Richard Schwab, Mythological Consultant, Storyseeds.org, NYC by Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com

“Convergence of the Heart” – Interview with the 9TH Northwest Permaculture Convergence Presenter Kat Fitzgerald, Dirt Rich School & Compass Rose Farm, WA. By Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com

“Luna Men Shine in Food Forest”- The Third Conversation with Stephen Gerringer, Community Relations, Joseph Campbell Foundation and Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com

“We are Mythic Warriors” - On the Work of Co-Creating Consciousness. Interview with Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com by Bonnie Bright for Depth Insights

“Protest to Stop the Deforestation and Poisoning of the East Bay Hills, 6/29 at UC Berkeley, Interview with Isis Feral, Coalition to Defend East Bay Forests by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com

“Earth, Spirit, Self!“ – Interview: Hannah Apricot Eckberg, Co-owner/Publisher/Editor, Permaculture Magazine, North America by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine

“Share. Build. Transform!” - Interview with Anya Dolbrowski, Co-Founder: The ToolBox Project, Eugene, OR.

"reinforcements" - Planetshifter.com Interviews 2014 – 2016: Spirit Healing | Permaculture & Nature | Transition Movement| New Mythology. eBook 28

“Grief and Gratitude” – An interview with Maria Owl Gutierrez in Support of: “COMMUNITY GRIEF RITUAL – Tending to our Sorrow” with Maria and Mike Shea at A PLACE for Sustainable Living, May 7, 2016. Oakland, California.

“Hunters and Texters”- Welcome to the New Mythology. Essay and an Interview with Scotty Wells. By Willi Paul, Mythologist, Planetshifter.com

“Heaven is a Compost Pile” – Podcast Interview with Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com by Marianne West, Sustainable Living Podcast.com (Audio + Transcript)

“My Quick Permie Asia Chat” with Howard Story, Founding Director / CEO at Permaculture Institute of Asia

"RITUAL OF NOW: BELONGING Premiere” - Interview with Vancouver, BC Sound Artist Karma Sohn by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media

Spiritual Permaculture” - Rethinking Permaculture Vernal Equinox Convergence: Everyday Strategies for Compassionate Living. 3/25 – 27, Kailash Ecovillage, Portland, OR. Interview with Ole Ersson, Kailash Ecovillage and Satya, Food Not Bombs, PDX.

“Does Mythology Still Matter?” - Interview with Carridine Poran, Reaction by Willi Paul. Produced by Planetshifter.com Media (+ PDF)

“Permaculture. Racism. Oakland.” Interview with Troy Hudson, Organizer, Town and City Permaculture by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media

“The Shop-Vac Pirates“ - Interview with “Fish Not Gold” (WA) Director Kim McDonald, PhD, by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media

"Digging up our Hunter and Gatherer Mythology." Interview with Gary R. Varner, Author and Mythologist by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media

2015 Interviews

Please Help Fund the Barnraiser Campaign to Support Rooftop Farming and Urban-Adapted Seeds in the Bay Area. Interview with Benjamin Fahrer, Top Leaf Farms

“Casting ReWilding, Permaculture and Mythology” - Willi Paul Interview on Talk Story Radio (12/10/15) +PDF by Julia Widdop, Host

“Sacred Trees and Refuges” – Interview with Rachel S. McCoppin, Author of The Lessons of Nature in Mythology (+ PDF)

“Our Fire Circle Reformation”- Interview with Erik Ohlsen: The Permaculture Skills Center & Permaculture Artisans, Sebastopol, CA

"Mythology and Resilience" - A Conversation between Author & Painter Stephen Linsteadt and Mythologist & Transition Entrepreneur Willi Paul. + PDF

“Abundance is Resilience” - Interview with Alexis Thompson, Young Abundance (PDX)

“Kids, Rewilding and the New Mythology” - A conversation with Dan De Lion, ReturntoNature.us and Willi Paul

“Transition Streets Launches in America!” Interview with Carolyne Stayton, Executive Director of Transition US

“Permaculture Life School” – An Indiegogo Campaign and Interview with Matt Powers

"Permaculture, Rewilding and Herbalism" – Interview with The Perma Pixie (aka Taj Scicluna), Dandenong Ranges, Melbourne, Australia.

Interview with Tal Fitzpatrick - Coordinator of Volunteering Queensland, Australia‘s "Natural Disaster Resilience Leadership Project" by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media

“Look – In the Garden – It’s Greywater Man!” Interview with “Jeremy Watts, Food Forest Design Works”

Interview with Delaney Pearson, Community Rights Lane County (OR)

"Integrating Permaculture, Transition, and Mythology in the Chaos Age" - eBook #21. Conversations with Willi Paul and Authors Gregory Gronbacher, Peter Ruddock, Douglas Williamson, Arthur George, Gary Z McGee, Margo Meck, Stephen Gerringer and Ray Grigg.

“Spiritual Resilience” - Interview with Rev. Julia Bystrova, Heart & Soul Group, "Transition Sebastopol"

“A Myth and a Prayer” – Article and Conversation about Mythology with Gregory Gronbacher and Willi Paul

Interview with Transition North Brooklyn (TNBK) Organizer
Charlotte E Binns

Peninsula Mythic Roundtable Invite from Mythologist / Entrepreneur Willi Paul, April 1, 7:30 - 9:30 PM, Mountain View Community Center, Free. Plus an Interview with Willi by Peter Ruddock, Transition Palo Alto

My Quick Permie Chat with Geoff Lawton, Permaculture Educator and Businessman by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Magazine

Transition Palo Alto’s Spring Share Faire, March 15. Interview - deep nature gardens by Willi Paul

Exploring the Western vs. Indigenous Intersection in Costa Rican Mythology. Conversation with Douglas Williamson, Earth Charter International and Willi Paul, Mythologist

Mythology: Not as Outdated as Disney Portrays? Interview with Willi Paul for Davis Roundtable by Aubrey Harper

"The Myth Lab: Myth and Permaculture" - Interview with Willi Paul by Mythologist Margo Meck, http://mythandmore.com

“Exercising the Artifacts” – Interview with Mythologist Willi Paul by Arthur George to Support the Mythic Roundtable at Granada Books, Santa Barbara on 1/22/15

“Creation Mythology” - Article and Interview with Author Ray Grigg

2014 Interviews

“Resilience Circles” – Interview with Sarah Byrnes, Co-Director of New Economy Transition (NET) New England Media

“Blackwater Rising” – Interview with Regina Hirsch: Organizer: "Localizing California Waters Conference.” 11/3 – 06/2014, Yosemite

“Parking Lot Love” - Interview #2 with Peter Ruddock, Transition Palo Alto

The Mythic Engine Kick-Starts a New Mythology. Conversation with Mythologists Willi Paul and Shari Tarbet. + PDF

Collective Manifestation: A Heart to Heart with Willi Paul and Melissa Wadsworth

“Rebellion Coming.” Conversation on Creative Mythology with Willi Paul and Arthur George.

Interview with Koreen Brennan, Co-Organizer: 2014 North American Permaculture Convergence. Harmony Park, Clarks Grove, MN, 8/29 – 31, 2014.

“Building Our Transition Streets!” Interview with Maggie Fleming, Co-Director, Transition US

The wondrous fruit harvest ritual at the Portland Fruit Tree Project. Interview with Bob Hatton

Planetshifter.com launches Kickstarter Campaign to Fund an Animation Pilot: “The Adventures of Permaculture Willi (“P-Willi”): The Glowing Labyrinth.” Enjoy a Launch Day Interview with Willi Paul by Susan Silber

"Transporting Crude Oil on California Rails?" Interview with Diane Bailey, Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Defense Council, SF

Carbon Fighters “Cool the Earth” at Coleman Elementary Interview with students Cayman Stein and Sam Testa

"Interview with New Mythologist Willi Paul" by Jeremy Watts, foodforestdesignworks.com

“A Love for Creation” – Invite & Interview with Permaculturist Penny Livingston - Commonweal Garden, Bolinas, CA

“THE MOTHER WHO PLANTS TREES.” An Indiegogo Agroforestry Project in India by Permaculturist Charlotte Anthony. Plus an Interview with Charlotte

"STOP FRACKING CALIFORNIA NOW!" Interview with Susan Kuehn, March 15 SF Local Organizer, Food & Water Watch

"A Hardy and Drought Tolerant People.” Interview with Taelor Monroe, Austin Permaculture Guild (TX)

“Rain Dance @ Soul Food Farm on 2/1/14.” Pre-Event Interview with Owner / Farmer Alexis Koefoed

2013-2009 Interviews

"The Talisman" - Interview with Mythologist Willi Paul by Derek Joe Tennant, earthevolution.info

New Book: "We Are All On Flight 93: Bringing Spirit to R Evolution"
Interview w/ Author Derek Joe Tennant

“Permaculture Teachers & Transition Schools.” Interview with Matt Bibeau, Mother Earth School (Portland)

Meet Us at the Legal Café! Interview: Chris Tittle, Director: Organizational Resilience The Sustainable Economies Law Center

Hands on Resilience : Interview with Russell Evans, Director of Transition Lab

Paradigm Risks : Interview with Jen Boynton, TriplePundit.com

“Alley Allies Project” : Interview with Katie Hughes, Mill Street Community Planning, Portland, OR

“Mythography & the Universal Human” : Interview with Allison Stieger, Principal at Mythic Stories (Seattle)

“Spiraling into Permaculture & New Mythology”- Interview with Shari Tarbet, PhD., OSHER Institute

“Oil and Water” : Interview with Pat Moran - Music Director, Writer, San Francisco Mime Troupe

Black Soil Tribe: Interview with 2013 Northwest Permaculture Convergence Presenter Eric McCool

“The Invisible Pedestrian.” Interview with Natalie Burdick,Walk SF

The Gratitude Code. Interview with Kindista.org Founders Nicholas Eamon Walker & Benjamin Crandall

“Urban Land Scouts Interview with Founder Katie Ries”

Hardwood Ritual: Interview with Philippine Reclaimed Wood Sculptor Benji Reyes

Interview with New Mythology's Willi Paul by Jessica Cox, ConservatoryofMagic.com

“A Million Seeds” – Interview with Permaculturist / Author Christopher Shein

“Fixing Community.” Interview - Peter Skinner, Repair Cafe Palo Alto

“The Purpose of Creating Myths” - Interview with Willi Paul by Lauren Evans

“Play Farm! Play the Game.” Jay Rosenberg, @ Hayes Valley Farm, SF, CA.

“AN INTERVIEW WITH ‘NEW MYTHOLOGIST’ WILLI PAUL“, by Sharon Blackie, Editor, earthlinesreview.org

2012 Interviews

Transition Tales 2 (Video) - Conversations from the Sharing Economy

“Pushing Away from Capitalism.” Interview with Kim Krichbaum of Eugene Gift Circles

The Mythology of Lemmings. Interview by Willi - Article on New Mythology by Kari McGregor, Editor, Spirit of the Times

Permaculture Hub Interview with Willi Paul, New Mythologist

Starhawk Interview 2 (.mp3): 33rd Annual Spiral Dance Kezar Pavilion, SF. Sat Oct 27, 2012

Sustainable Living & The New Mythology: Interview with Willi Paul of PlanetShifter Magazine and Open Myth Source, by Julianne Victoria, Through the Peacock's Eyes

Neighbors Sharing Stories! Transition Tales from Reskilling & Sharing Expo. Video by Willi

"Our Own Bread" - Interview with rani Jayakumar, Transition Palo Alto

“Shapeshift Threshold Reverie”. Interview with Maila T. Davenport PhD, AltarPlaces.org, Portland

Yes to Permaculture! The Vladislav Davidzon Interview, Founder and CEO of Common Circle Education

"State of Our Permaculture Union". Interview with Lisa DePiano, Permaculturist & Keynote Speaker, 2012 NE Permaculture Convergence

Crowdfunding for Permaculture Now! Article / Interview with Christian Shearer of WeTheTrees.com

Transition Man. Interview with John Steere, Environmental Alchemist / Planner

A Regenerative Ag Incubator for Veterans – Interview with Deston Denniston, Vets Cafe Program (Pac NW)

AppleSeed Permaculture’s New Land Managers Program. Interview with Dyami Nason-Regan and Ethan Roland

Erik Olsen’s Permaculture Skill Center is blooming in Sebastopol! Site visit / Interview

Connecting Permaculture & Transition. Interview - Karen Schulkin, SF Seed Library

OccupyStrategy? 5 Questions for Eli Zigas, SPUR. Expanding Urban Agriculture on Public Land?

Justice Begins with Seeds Conference - Interview #2 with GMO Educator & Presenter Pamm Larry, labelgmos.org. Presented by the biosafetyalliance.org. May 18 – 19, SF

Justice Begins with Seeds Conference - Interview with Presenter Katherine Zavala, IDEX. Presented by the biosafetyalliance.org. May 18 -19, 2012, SF.

The Youth and Elders Project. Interview with Co-Leader
Erik Van Lennep

Seeds & Ladders. A Conversation with Permaculture Designer Jenny Pell, Pacific Northwest.

Sacred Thyme for Permaculture. Interview with Abel R. Gomez is a writer, ritualist, community organizer

In the Spirit of Lewis & Clark. Interview with Andrea Laliberte, earthmetrics.com

Unleashing the Collective Genius of San Francisco. Interview with Beverly Pitzer,TransitionSF

“PermOccupy - A Pathway to a Sustainable Future,” by Killian O'Brien. Interview on PermOccupy with Killian O'Brien by Willi Paul

NorCal Transition Yeast: Interview with Peter Ruddick, Slow Money, Transition Palo Alto & San Mateo County Food System Alliance.

The Tree Fort Code. Interview with Kelly Hogan & Matt Bibeau: Advanced Teacher Training in Youth & Child Permaculture Education Course, June 2012, Portland, OR

Interview with Chris Ritthaler, National Veteran Outreach Coordinator, Farmer Veteran Coalition

Finest Worksong. Interview #2 with Aaron Lehmer, Bay Localize

Connection, Respect, Community, Transition. Interview with Judith Katz with The Connection Action Project

A Globe of Villages: Interview with Neil Seldman, Co-founder and President of the Institute for Local Self-Reliance, Washington, D.C.

American Transition: Interview with Scott McKeown, Training Coordinator for Transition US & core team member of Transition Sebastopol

Big Green Lies: Interview & Transition Career Data with Santa Barbara
Eco-therapist Linda Buzzell

K.Ruby Blume: Interview with Artist and Founder of The Institute of Urban Homesteading

Shed: Interview with Author & Transition Economist Charles Eisenstein

“The Kid with his finger in God’s Bellybutton.” Interview / Book Review: “Positive Creations” - The Visionary Art of Chris Dyer (Schiffer Books)

TimeBank & Trust: The Mira Luna Interview

New Soil-Economist. Interview with Charlotte Anthony, Victory Gardens for All, Eugene.

Not greed and oil. Interview with Transition Albany (CA) Leader Catherine Sutton

Transition Business: Interview with Environmental educator and community organizer Susan Silber

2011 Interviews

Permaculture, governance & economics? Interview with Leonard Barrett, President, Barrett Ecological Services, Portland, OR

Flash Mobs and Mutual Aid. Interview with Erick Valle, Occupy Eugene Communication Committee.

Creating an online, integrated permaculture site design. Interview with PDC Co-Instructor Andrew Millison, Beaverstatepermaculture.com. By Willi Paul, permaculturexchange.com

Big Ag vs the Wildland Re-Skillers. Interview with William Mutch, Transition Palo Alto. By Willi Paul, permaculturexchange.com

Symbols for the Permaculture Age? Interview with Paul Burley, author of The Sacred Sphere: Exploring Sacred Concepts & Cosmic Consciousness through Universal Symbolism.

Viewshed Sanctuaries. Interview with Permaculture Designer & Permaculturexchange.com Member Jadene Mayla, ecologiclandscape.com, Portland, OR

Symbols & Patterns. Interview with Owen Hablutzel, Director, Permaculture Research Institute, USA.

“I am Turtle Woman.” Interview with Permaculturist Jeanette Acosta

Farms, Greenways & Light: Interview with San Francisco Permaculture Developer Rob Joyce

Building a New MythCode. Joseph Campbell Foundation’s Stephen Gerringer on the new The Study of Myth Forum & 2112 Symposium

Watershed Songs. Interview with Erik Ohlsen, Owner, Permaculture Artisans

Pain & Pleasure, Hope & Fear. Interview with "The Seeker, The Search, The Sacred" Author Guy Finley

Slow, Steady, Beautiful: Interview with Ken Foster, Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping, Santa Cruz

Observe and Interact. Interview with Design Ecology Civil Engineer Ben Jordan

soil food web song: Interview with Antonio Roman-Alcala, sf urban ag alliance.

Nectar: Interview #2 with Permaculturist Kevin Bayuk

Speak Stronger, Louder, More Inviting Truths. Audio Interview # 4 with Trathen Heckman from Daily Acts and Transition U.S. by Willi Paul

Eco-mystical - Biomimcry - Permaculture? Audio on YouTube Interview with Dayna Baumeister, Ph.D. - biomimicryguild.com by Willi Paul

Digital Alchemy: Video Conversations with Willi Paul, planetshifter.com. Guests: Joshua S. Fouts & Rita J. King, Science House Foundation, NYC

The cowboy, the sacred and the land? Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Author, Healer Alanna Moore, geomantica.com

Our Sacred Compass. PlanetShifter.com video conversations with Willi Paul. Guests: Steven & Whitney Boe, Imaginal Cells FilmWorks, Los Angeles

Video Conversations with Willi Paul on Permaculture & Transitions. Topic: Geomancy. Guest: Sabine Engelhardt, Zagreb, Croatia

EcoVillages, Permaculture & Cattle! Video Conversations with Willi Paul on Permaculture & Transitions. Guest: Rancher Colin Boggess, SD.

Video Conversations on Innovation with Willi Paul. Guest: Adam von Haffner Paulsen, INDEX, Copenhagen

Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul. Guest Matthieu Daum, Consultant, NeXus, Paris

Honey. A garden conversation with David Cody, Permaculture Instructor. Urban Permaculture Institute, SF, by Willi Paul.

Icons of Remembrances: planetshifter.com video conversations with Willi Paul. Guest - David Ian Cowan, Navigating The Collapse of Time

Golden Satellites: planetshifter.com video conversations with Willi Paul Guest: Michael Lamb, michaelsalchemy.com - Nobby's Beach, Australia

Video video Conversations in Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Christian Shearer, The Panya Project, Thailand. Sponsored by sacredpermaculture.net

Video video Conversations with Willi Paul on Permaculture & Transitions. Guest: Steve Gabriel, Finger Lakes Permaculture Institute, Ithaca, NY

The crisis is sacred. planetshifter.com video conversations with Willi Paul. Guest: Jeremy Johnson, evolutionarylandscapes.com

Video Conversations with Willi Paul: Permaculture & Transitions. Guest: Andrew Millison- Oregon State University, Agriculture Dept. 6-2-11.

Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul. Guest: LuLu Kelly, Knightsen, CA.

Video Conversations in Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul. Guest: Erik van Lennep, tepuidesign.com, Ireland. 5-19-11

Video Conversations on Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul. Guest: Denise Rushing. Sponsored by sacredpermaculture.net

planetshifter.com conversation: archetypal cosmology. Willi Paul & Keiron Le Grice, Archai Journal.

Sacred Soil under Maine Skies. Video Conversations in Permaculture & Transitions with Willi Paul Guest: Lisa M Fernandes, portlandmainepermaculture.com, resilienthomes.com 5-11-11.

Ben Law’s Camp Fire Mythology - Interview by Willi Paul

Video Conversations in Permaculture with Willi Paul, Guest: Sarah Kelsen - Land Beyond the Sea Ecological Design.

Shamballa’s Permaform Moon. Interview with Andrea & Nate,
Argentina by Willi Paul

Video Conversations on Permaculture with Willi Paul. Guest – Chris Bryne, Transition Ventures

Video Conversations about Permaculture with Willi Paul. Guest: Jeff Faye.

Toxic Apples & the Sacred Permaculture Myth of 2012? Article & interview with mythologist Philippe Dauphin, Netherlands.

Interview with Starhawk: Community Permaculture and the Sacred Seeds.

Video Conversations in Permaculture with Willi Paul. Guest: Melissa Miles, Eastern Pennsylvania Permaculture Guild & SoilKitchen.org

Video Conversation with Willi Paul & “Apocalypse 2012: The World After Time Ends” Film Director Bruce Weaver.

Conversations with Willi Paul: Mythic Map and the Sacred in Permaculture. Guest: Vic Desotelle. Co-Sponsored by PlanetShifter.com Magazine, VicDesotelle.com & ChangingNormal.com.

Interview with Permaculturist Willi Paul by Ross Lawrence Wolfe. Including the article: “Man and Nature, Part IV: A Radical Critique of the “Green” Environmental Movement” by Mr. Wolfe

Permaculture, mythogenesis & the forces of fear as motivation for the revolution. Interview with Bay Area Designer / Instructor Kevin Bayuk

A video conversation about new alchemy, mythology & the sacred in permaculture with Maddy Harland, Editorial Director - Permaculture Magazine & Willi Paul, EcoAlchemist

Reverse Engineering the Holy Grail with Inadequate Mythologies? Interview with Mythologist Catherine Svehla, Joshua Tree, CA.

Interview with EcoAlchemist Willi Paul: Permaculture, New Myths and the Search for Sacred. Arts In The Valley, KY0S 1480 AM, Merced, CA. Kim McMillon, Host. 3/19.

New Alchemy, New Myths with Willi Paul. Permaculture Podcast Episode 15. Hosted by Ryan Unmack.

The Myth of the Great Ending. Interview with Author Joseph M. Felser, Ph.D. by Willi Paul

A Depth Psychological Exchange on Alchemy, Mythology, and Permaculture: A Candid Conversation with Bonnie Bright and Author/Researcher Willi Paul

Permaculture in city squares, school auditoriums and neighborhood meeting places. Interview with Killian O'Brien, Permaculture and Resilience Initiative, Detroit.

Mythology of hope, intuition, vision, transformation, and sustainability. Interview with Author & Community Alchemist Sajed Kamal.

Willi Paul discusses permaculture, alchemy & the new mythologies on the Agroinnovations Podcast, Episode #121: State Banks, Opensource Mythology, and Viralized Transgenics

"Sustainability, Earth-Centeredness & the Emerging Global Myth." Essay and Interview with Margo Meck, Mythandmore.com

Elven Avatars, Machinima Codes & the Mytho-Spiritual Subconsciousness. Interview with Celestial Elf (London)

The Alchemy of Our Spiritual Leadership: Women Redefining Power. Interview with Co-Leader Kathe Schaaf

Honey, It’s that Intuitive Shamanic Wizard Guy Again! Interview with Geoffrey Grosenberg

Mythic Mandate Online Workshop: Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution. Documentary & Presenter Interviews with Willi Paul & Catherine Walker

Urban Homesteading: Heirloom Skills for Sustainable Living. Interview with author Rachel Kaplan

BioMythicry: an interview with Peter Ciccariello

Myth and Meaning: Musing of a Noetic Scientist. Interview with Marilyn Schlitz, Ph.D., President/CEO, Institute of Noetic Sciences.

Sacred is our inherent right to live free and gloriously. Interview with Craig Mackintosh - Worldwide Permaculture Network (WPN)

Humanity, wisdom & innovation stories. Interview with Sue Lebeck, InnovatingSMART

Joining the natural world with daily acts at Bealtaine. Interview with West Ireland’s Permaculture Alchemist Colette O’Neill.

Collapsonomics and the Dougald Hine Effect. Interview by Willi.

Magic and Permaculture in the Great Pattern. Interview with Naya Aerodiode, silverspiral.org

Spirit Talk & Shamanism at Soul Farm. Interview with Dr. Cosima Klinger-Paul, New Delhi, India

PlanetShifter’s Willi Paul Synergizes Sustainability and Mythology Interview by SWAiL in ZOUCH Magazine & Miscellany.

Mythic Mandate: Transmuting New Alchemies for the Mythic Generator. Interview with Willi Paul by Jennifer Claroscura.

Healing the divided mind that wounds the world. Interview with Anthony Lawlor, Architect

An Interview from the Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution: Willi Paul & David B. Metcalfe. By Patrick Brinkerhoff, resourcecollaborative.com

shift and morph alchemy. Interview with poet Tara Timmers.

Lucid dreaming, sorcery, witches and shamanism. Interview with Alysa Braceau, Dreamshield, Netherlands

Shaman Psychointegration with the Powers and Spirits of the Universe. Interview with Michael Winkelman, Ph.D.

The Six Archetypal Life-paths of the Human Soul: Healer, explorer, warrior, artist, communicator and builder. Interview with Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. of greenearthfound.org

2010 Interviews

“Religion is the basis of sustainability.” Interview with David Radcliff &Tom Benevento, New Community Project, Elgin, IL.

Willi Paul & the New Mythologists. Interview by just4theplanet.com

Fire Circle Alchemy: Interview with Abigail & Jeff McBride from Vegas Vortex, Las Vegas.

Quantum merging, sacred wisdom societies and the teleportation sea. Interview with Joan Ocean, Dolphin Connection International.

reForest Alchemy: Returning biodiversity to inhospitable matrices of degraded habitats. Interview with Dr. Md. Mizanur Rahman.

Clean Your Soul. Interview with Shaman Healer Peter Bosch-Jansen, Amsterdam.

Texas Cherokee Alchemy, Mythology and Shamanism at the Women's Warrior Society. Interview with Dr. Sir Clifford Al

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