Ecotech Design Studio, Malibu, California
Ecotech Design Studio, Malibu, California

Our goal is to develop zero carbon emission energy solutions for architecture and green high-value products through the reuse of materials producing zero landfill production techniques.

Our team of dedicated designers, engineers, and LEED certified architects, from around the world, strive to bring aesthetic green solutions to the world marketplaces.

EcoTech work to achieve environmentally conscious development across government, business, and society. Our international team tackles environmental issues on various continents, providing many out-of-the-box solutions that can be effective, profitable, and environmentally beneficial to all of society.

We work to solve complex problems in society within or via the built environment, perform sustainable architecture, implement corporate social responsibility methods, perform research on sustainable building, high value product development and renewable energy to improve living conditions while further progressing towards a sustainable society.

EcoTech Design Studio strives to bring symbiotic relationships between the ecology and the built environment and between markets and societies, while remaining sensitive to regional cultures around the world.


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Founder: Douglas Busch
Studio Manager: Raphie Chiaramonte
5710 Trancas Canyon Road
Malibu, CA 90265
Phone: 310-457-5477
Fax: 310-457-0433