Local currency project: The Humboldt Exchange (Humboldt County, CA)
The Humboldt Exchange is Humboldt County's own local currency project.

Individual participants agree to accept half payment for their goods and services in a local currency made just for Humboldt. Over 60 local businesses also accept Community Currency.

Local currencies, common during the Great Depression, have recently been initiated in dozens of communities around the country. Because the currency must be used locally, and because it has local community backing, it promotes the exchange of goods and services and increases local purchasing power while avoiding the danger of government currency depreciation.

By facilitating production and trade, these currencies encourage local self-reliance and increase local economic autonomy.

The Humboldt Exchange project is sponsored by Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County, a local grassroots organization dedicated to creating genuine democracy in Humboldt County.

This website is an online version of the Humboldt Exchange Community Currency Directory that we print every other month. In the directory we list all the items our participants are offering or wanting to exchange using Community Currency. On the website you can browse the listings for the current issue and past issues as well and sign up to participate in the project.

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How It Works

The goods and services listed in the Humboldt Exchange Directory are offered by individuals who accept Community Currency. We recommend each person accept 1/2 US currency and 1/2 Community Currency as payment for goods and services offered in their listings. These "person-to-person business ads" cost $10 for up to 10 lines, and $1 for each additional line.

The first time you list, we will send you $86 in Community Currency (one of each of the bills). After that, we will send you $16 in Community Currency each time you list. Everyone agrees to abide by the minimum Living Wage of $10 per hour for labor.
Obtaining Community Currency

There are three ways to obtain Community Currency:

1) By listing in the directory. People listing for the first time will receive $86 in CC, and $16 for each subsequent listing

2) Being paid for providing goods or services.

3) Community Currency can be purchased at face value ($1CC = $1US)

Personal Responsibility Guidelines

We would like to remind you that we do not take responsibility for the completion of exchanges or how satisfied participants are with the outcome of their exchanges.

That said, we encourage you all to take precautions to ensure that your interactions with other members are fair and safe.

* Talk on the phone before meeting to get a feel for what the person you are trading with is like.
* If you are at all unsure meet in a public place or bring a friend along.
* Decide on a price prior to doing work or swapping goods.
* Be responsible about your listings, responses and exchanges.