In a world gone mad, these certainly can be perceived as frightful economic times. However it is exactly in these times that one must stand up and become the change that is so desperately needed if we are to expect any change at all.

    At a time when utility and fuel expenses are skyrocketing and food prices are reaching astronomical prices we can find comfort in our hearts and relief in our wallets by seizing this opportunity to learn all we can about how to become self sufficient in our individual food production. By doing so we will be providing wholesome, nutritious foods to our families at a fraction of the cost we now have to pay at our grocery stores.

    I'm sure by now you have already heard on the news that there are many hundreds of poisons and pesticides currently in our food products. Our farmers are being allowed to spray with pesticide and buy genetically altered seeds for our food crops. As a matter of record, there is a bill that is attempting to be passed that will by law, require each farmer to use a determined amount of pesticides per yield. We already have corn that is genetically enhanced to contain pesticides in its DNA. So we are consuming it. Yes, we are EATING pesticides and poisons currently. We are FEEDING poisons to ourselves, our children and our families.

    How can we as sole providers for our children and spouses ,being the ones responsible for their health and well being, knowingly allow them to consume poisons?

    Sound ridiculous? See the video:

    Genetically modified food Panacea or Poison? Youtube


    (I'll attempt to upload it here under content for your convenience)

    Hydroponics, Aeroponics and Aquaponics are systems you can learn to make and/or buy. I am currently working on an e book that encompasses this very subject.

    Carolyn Griffiths is a freelance author who advocates a greener healthier society by encouraging others to learn and apply more wholesome, easy and cost effective approaches to everyday living. I believe that a life that is free of chemicals and poisons is indeed the most healthful and the most free. I believe it is our right as every human being on this planet to do just that.

    Live Healthy....Live Free!!