Member Survey 4/09 - Two Responses
We received 4 total replies to the first community survey. Here are two:

1. Why did you join

Cause a friend asked me to contribute.
Because I like bei9ng involved in enviromental projects, I also like what PS does.

2. Do you feel that it is easy to upload, find and discuss content on the site? [ Content Sources: Search Results; Forums; Home Page Upload Gallery; Member Gallery Pages; Event Circle - Current and Event Circle - Archive; GreenCatcherUnion eMagazine; Green Job Exchange ]

Images its not the easiest but doable. Video upload is more difficult.
It is getting easier.

3. Are you actively seeking out work uploaded by other members? And have you contacted other members for possible collaborations?

Not really, too busy.
Not totally due to a my agenda, but looking forward to collaborate a little more.

4. Are you interested in the new Green Jobs Exchange? How so? Will you post a resume in your Gallery?

Not really, so busy already.
I would like to.

5. Please critique GreenCatcherUnion our eMagzine #1. How can it be better?

Looks real pretty
I actually like it the way it is, I think can be better, it is anatural growth proccess

6. Have you invited other friends and co-workers to join

7. Do you have any suggestions for the Event Circle presentations? We'd love your ideas and referrals.

Many, events in different areas, feedback, etc.
Is being environmental a trendy fad that could potentially fade away or something that will surely save us all sooner than later?

8. is envisioned to be far more than a Gallery for creatives. We want to be synergistic in combining art and sustainability to invent new green processes and values. Is this work something that you are excited to participate in? Please list specific ideas or resources that we can build on.

Yes, its great, just cant be that active of a participant. I would love to make PS a huge green power plant, having feedback with random entities and organizations.

9. Please tell us anything that you wish!

Congratulations on the good work.
PlanetShifter rules