What does the Creative Community Need from the Green Movement Anyway?

I ask because some folks in the green business sector (wanting to capture a % of the carbon credit markets and/or write sustainability specs for corporations) are not focused on the creative side of our lives - and the emerging green economy. I asked an associate in the green bizz sector to present a short paper to the PS.com community in November, in the Event Circle. He said:

"These days we are so busy at ClimateCHECK that we really need to focus any non-billable efforts on our core target market. Unfortunately this audience does not fit that target market. I generally appreciate the opportunity to reach new people in my capacity as the author of AskPablo but I need to decline this opportunity."

We need to understand our "target market(s)" as we compile a database of potential sponsors and members. We need to get a feel for the right books and green products for the Market, too!

See the attached visual. Wrestle with this one...!