The Chaos Era releases "Mythology of the Sound Spores" - 25 soundscapes and sound myths spanning 10 years. Produced by Willi Paul and
The Chaos Era releases "Mythology of the Sound Spores" - 25 soundscapes and sound myths spanning 10 years. Produced by Willi Paul and

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The Chaos Era releases "Mythology of the Sound Spores"

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You are invited to bring your energy and vision to The Chaos Era, a virtual, asynchronous collaboration of solo artists that come together to invent and produce unique projects together. Remote file sharing and mixing are the norm. This a band of strangers who capture a theme and share a journey. The Chaos Era is led by mythologist Willi Paul and driven by his permaculture-inspired portal "We are interested in musicians, storytellers and alt-futurists." Please send images / sounds / samples to:

The new album, "Mythology of the Sound Spores," is now on sale at several ecommerce sites, is an extension of Mr. Paul's work in the archetypical sounds and community values of permaculture and the new mythology, all pulsing together to enact universal change. The deepest purpose for blending sound and mythology is psychological: to energize our subconscious - conscious symbols, archetypes and deep brain interactions. Mr. Paul wishes to collaborate with artists, storytellers and futurists to create new sound journeys and myths. Willi is also exploring a new psycho-mythical theory pertaining to environmental and sound archetypes and the new mythology.

Please see Willi's band site: The Chaos Era at Soundcloud.

"My dreams are diminishing saved in a small degree by my wish to revolt, to start a new sacred, myth-based revolution. My reality each day is that humans are separating from Nature and as more and more of us are brainwashed by the corporate capitalist elites and their fake communities, masturbationist technologies and online shopping sites. Climate change is code for extinction of the human race and much of the plants and animals we once cherished. Psychologically, there is much to test and manifest, as we have to prepare for the crash of the American Way - and the transition ahead called the Chaos Era." Willi Paul

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Track List - "Mythology of the Sound Spores" by the Chaos Era

CanciĆ³n de IniciaciĆ³n de Skull Crane Satellite 2:26

Daddy's Dry Lightning Saloon (Sound Cartoon) 1:15

Growl Song (A Children's Sound Cartoon) 0:33

Meditation to Land (Soundscape) 2:24

Myth Lab #7 Video Artifact / Watch Tower / 2013 NW Permaculture
Convergence 1:53

Mythic Sound Ring / Solar Flare / New Myth #22 4:11

Mythic Soundtrack, Pt. 2 / Industrial Era / Oil Profiteers 2:40

Newton's Cradle Syndrome a Soundtrack Between Hope & Despair 3:18

Our Falling Rituals / New Myth # 29 / Video 1:10

Ritual 4 Women & Ponds (Sound Alchemy) 0:59

Song for Permaculture 1:04

Soundsourcing Building the New Permaculture-Based Mythology 1:27

The Prime Directive of Worms / Sound Alchemy Guitar & Samples 1:13

Transition Contours (Sound Alchemy for Cascadia) / New Myth #34 3:41

Willi Paul Tribe / Permaculture Cortex / Sound Sketches for the Chaos Era 4:17

Words /Color / Sound Samples Symbols for Kids Art (Video Short) 1:04

Dialing Up the Dark Web 0:48

Journey, Pt. 1 (Sound Myth) 1:18

Journey, Pt. 2 (Sound Myth) 1:13

Last Song @ Black Hole Lodge / Sound Journey 4 3:03

New Blood for Old Mythology 1:36

Soundtrack for Leaf Blowers 0:45

Summoning 1:41

Synesthesia Echoes 0:42

The Sound of Light 1:31

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