"Permaculture Willi and the War Locks - Initiation by Light" - New Myth #109. Animation Script by Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com
"Permaculture Willi and the War Locks - Initiation by Light" - New Myth #109. Animation Script by willi paul studio / planetshifter.com

Light Initiation Tasks -

food foraging
fire wood gathering
compass use
fire starting
star gazing

* * * * * * *

P-Willi parks her bike against an old red maple tree at the edge of the food Forest

She has her journey map from the war locks web site and is excited about the initiation ahead

Her Permaculture-driven Rite of Passage begins: A Living, breathing rewilding theatre set in a Food Forest

The war locks are her elders, teachers, forest guides, musicians, seed savers, tire pumps, yogurt makers

P-Willi wonders how the woodland sound and environmental archetypes will fuse with the light tests throughout the day and into the evening?

"Listen," she whispers to the trees, "for the birds chirping, wind whistles, leaves crackling under foot, fire snap snaps, owl hoots, human calls, bike bells-."

* * * * * * * *


Dawn / Day Break (Cold)
Enter Food Forest
Sunrise Chant - Group
DIY Skill -Tracking

The seven initiates were asked to enter the food forest at different points, not knowing who was headed to the camp site. Each with a map, water and matches. P-Willi knows Jack from Cross Falls and JuJu from her neighborhood. What she didn't know then was that the tracks of her mates would be there to help her later. The cold killing chanting woke up the Moon.

Morning (Warming)
Solo trek (Outer Observation)
DIY Skill - Food Foraging

P-Willi knows the value of observation. This is a key permaculture principle. She takes time to be in the environment and understand the relationships. The food forest is an integrated space with many, many co-dependencies. Berries and nuts are available. She writes in her Journal: "Nature: No hierarchies but synergies."

Lunch (Heat)
Foraged food and water
Silent Vigil (Inner Observation)

All forged goodies are shared. The war locks brought some salad, teas and chocolates to round-out the meal. The group is bonding under the shade of a lean-to that seems to point to the Sun now overhead. Reflections are gathered and journaled inwardly and individually.

Afternoon (Heat Rays)
DIY Skill - Henna Tattoos

The fellow from the Columbia River Gorge permaculture school imprinted a painted salamander on the back of P Willi, much to the delight of the war locks. Other choose images of their favorites plant friends or energies from the Zodiac.

Sunset / Dusk (Cooling)
Breeze Mist
Pray together for light and love to bond us

"To touch is to know"
"To touch is to understand"
"To touch is to live"
"To touch is to be"
"To touch is to heal"
- Grandfather

Night (Cold)
Moon Glow
DIY Skill - Fire Starting (Group)
DIY Skill - Basic Camp Cooking
Solo meditation
Turn in Journals to share on the war locks web site

The fire crackles and sparks rise high with the excitement of new friends. Beans, rice and root vegetables stewing.

Return to Home and New Dreams

P-Willi turns on her bike light but walks home, the better to savor the connections in the Initiation of Light.

* * * * * * * *


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