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    by PlanetShifter.com
    Executive Producer Willi Paul

    What is a vibe or vibration? How do you create and steer these things?

    Regardless of if we look at the world as a creation of intangible spirit, or a quantum physics hologram reality, our world is nothing more than small particles of hollow energy vibrating super fast, creating solid matter. Sounds crazy but this has been proven over n over again in the science and religions all through our recorded history and beyond. So I guess when one gets into a "vibe" it's when one is able to match the vibration of the object that one meditates on. I provide art and hope the viewers can engage with it and get into the vibe of it. It might not be of the higher consciousness possible, as I too am a human on a path towards some degree of perfection, but at least it may help people find a path of their own. Or at the worst put a smile on someone's face and create an uplifting vibe, which is a great help for the communal vibration of the world already.

    How do you understand consciousness and express it in your art?

    Consciousness is one of those tricky words that are hard to define, like soul or God. I guess when it comes to my art I would define "consciousness" as that universal creative intelligence that is part of everything seen and unseen. I can open myself to this more and more and hope to become a pure vessel for it eventually. Either way whatever of this higher intelligence goes through me, will be represented in some way in my images and that helps it been manifested for other people as well. It's like building a landing gate for "God" to come and give us a much needed upgrade of software.

    You said the following in your PlanetShifet.com Sustainability Questionnaire: "I hope to bring unity of cultures, races and species through my work." Any recent examples to share?

    This is crucial. Until we stop seeing ourselves as different, based on our superficial variations, we won't unite as one humanity and make sure everyone of us is happy. We can't work on our spiritual evolution if we keep on playing stupid games and fight one another for nothing real. I would say that if you look at any of my latest pieces there will be some degree of cultural amalgamation. I am a white Latino who is very into "black" music like reggae and hip hop, yet open to all music, countries, styles, races, religions, etc. All of these influences filter into my art and break these solid varieties. I keep on learning many symbols of them all and bring them together into a recipe where hopefully a cake of unity can be enjoyed by the viewers.

    Are you a fan of graffiti?

    Sure. As many other kinds of art, I enjoy spray can art as well. From doing it a handful of times, I respect how difficult it is to get tight at it, you just can't jump in and be good. I especially enjoy this medium when people break out of the classic lettering format and start expressing more original compositions. If I ever use this medium, I usually like to do my own brand of trippy characters.

    Your skateboard art piece: Religions at a Party, has many images and influences. Can you tell us why you created this and some of the influences that went into it please?

    That is an older piece from 2004. It's pretty simple. One day the iconographic prophets , messiahs and Gods of many of the most popular religions got fed up of the stupid fights going down on earth and decided to hang out at a party. I was there to capture the moment and hoped that once humans saw how their heroes could get along would inspire them to do the same.

    Corruption seems to be the norm in our society. Help us understand how you see it and how you defeat it?

    Really? Is this so? I was just focusing on the positive side of society and how slowly we're improving, but then again, I am massively naive... I don't thing corruption is something to be defeated. It is something that happens when individuals still haven't dealt with their own evolution. I don't think "the world" or "Society" is an entity that can be spanked and fixed like that. I think change can only really happen when individuals "fix" themselves. Change from within and then that spreads out outwardly. So I would say that inspiring people to start being less "corrupted" would be a good start. Art is a good tool for this. When you see how fun it is to be good, you won't be able to try it out and once you do, you'll want to drop the painful ways of being selfish in order to feed the ego. Once enough people turn good, it will be like a plague and even the darkest of characters will melt away. Call me a dreamer, but I'm not the only one.

    You recycle old broken skateboards and give them "eternal life as pretty and meaningful artwork." I agree! Do you have other sustainability principles or processes in play when you produce art?

    I don't know, I wouldn't say I'm "Captain Environment", I just try to live a normal life based on the ethics that I believe in. I don't think I go especially out of my way to be environmental, I just do the normal things like recycle old stuff like broken board tips into painting palettes or old yogurt container as my mixing water cup. My easel I found in the garbage, wish I had a better one, but it does its job for now, and when I get packages i usually keep the boxes to be used later for packages I send. I use energy efficient light bulbs and rechargeable batteries. Just small things like that, that I think everyone else does, right? Oh yeah, and my clothing brand is made purely out of hemp and bamboo and that is pretty sustainable too, eh? Then when it comes to music, instead of creating a demand for plastic, buying CDs, I just buy old records from the past. All normal stuff I guess.

    How did Positive Creations start?
    Positive Creations didn't start on a particular day, it was just something that grew naturally from my different art expressions and by the time I got out of school it took more shape with that name that totally embodies it. By now, Positive creations is not only my art but a clothing brand, a skate team, a music collective and pretty much anyone who collaborates with us on that same vibe.

    What are your successes and challenges there in Montreal?

    Montreal is an awesome volcanic island city in middle of a huge river in eastern Canada. It is definitely a place with much energy and magic, even if it's a block of ice during half the year. It is mostly mad out of artists, musicians and students so it is also a relatively poor place where art is hard to sell but where you can get a big nice apartment for cheap. Also the vibes and artistic people are great. And if you are into partying this is probably Canada's best city for that. When it comes to business it is a good n cheap place to be based on, just as long as your clientele mostly is from somewhere else, where there's more money. I would say my biggest clients are from the states and that my art is more know in the west coast of your country. Sometime I wish I could live in SF, I know it would be great for making the connections to take me forward, but something about living in your crazy country, on a fault line scares me a bit. So I stay in chill Canada and just visit every summer.

    What are three major issues facing the planet?

    With some many problems facing our planet it's difficult to narrow it down, but I would say:

    -Too many wars....
    -The delay into changing our sources of energy into clean renewable ones like solar power and wind power.
    - To many pessimists. If we don't believe we can change the situation, what will be is what will be manifested. So let's keep our faith and mental positive so we can produce an earthen where every single one of us is happy.

    Where will you be in 5 years?

    I don't know, I'm not a psychic. But where I would like to be in 5 years is: successful enough on my art career that I don't have to hustle so much, just chill at a comfortable home painting what I want. Basically where I am at today but without worrying so much about money struggles. By then I will probably be married with a kid, but that will just add to the fun. Hopefully still skating. Hopefully in a planet that is more waken up and working towards unity and balance in all ways.

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