An Employment Survey, by Willi Paul -
An Employment Survey, by Willi Paul -

What do you really know and trust about the economy that we are currently transforming or tearing down? What does "making a living" mean? Economic theories & movements abound! Consider this sampler:
  • Permaculture Ethics and Principles
  • Integrated Bottom Line
  • Green / Organic / Sustainability

    Part One: Work

    1. How do you define work?
    2. What is a "great job" to you?
    3. Are your values aligned with your current employment?
    4. What would you sacrifice to be more satisfied with your job?
    5. What are your top three employment skills?
    6. How are you looking for work? If so, how?

    Part Two: Local Economy

    7. How do you define "Local Economy"?
    8. Are interested in building a business in the arts and crafts?
    9. Is a small-scale, artisan business an option: Wood, leather, metal, candles, sense, pottery, culinary?
    10. Do you have a network of friends and associates to assist in your job search?
    11. Are you benefiting from a social incubator or a business mentor right now?

    Part Three: " Transition" Economy?

    12. How do you understand "Transition Economy?"
    13. Do you practice any of the theories / movements listed above?
    14. Are you starting a new business?
    15. What is your value proposition?
    16. Or: how are you re-strategizing your current business?
    17. Do you rely on statistics to understand the economy? If so, which ones?

    * * * * * * *

    To receive results of the assessment, please cut and paste your responses in an email and return to: willipaul1 at