Crashed Mars Lander
Human beings have thrown trash everywhere even on Mars.
What happened to all the space probes which malfuction?
How does that affect other planet's environments?
How does removing mass from our planet (oh so much metal) affect our rotation to the sun?
What would another intelligent life form think if our trash landed in their front yard?
Is NASA planning any kind of removal/ recycle program for all this garbage?
I wonder...

I made this on an illustration board out of some Nerds candy and Tic-Tacs which i did not want to eat.
Nerds candy reacted really horribly to the gesso. It melted into a disgusting sticky but oily goo which i am glad i made into art rather than consume. They took over a month to dry. The Tic-Tacs disolved on the bottom so they look come out looking like little mushrooms. The crashed lander in the middle is created from the broken Tic-Tac box.