Mythic Mandate Online Workshop: Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution. Co-Presented by Magazine & 1/27/2011.
Mythic Mandate Online Workshop: Green Alchemy and the Permaculture Revolution. Co-Presented by Magazine & 1/27/2011.

January 27th 2010 - 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM, PST

Free to Participate.

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Permaculture is a new myth / alchemic generator for the sustainability age. As we move into the future our continued survival requires us to seek solutions to the present dilemmas that go beyond best practices and academic theory.

Myth, storytelling and the alchemical principles of transmutation provide new tools for creating an active vision for a sustainable future; guiding the cultural narrative to support permaculture ideals and praxis.

The Mythic Mandate online workshop provides attendees with a skill set and mission for utilizing their creative imagination to build poetically resonant tools to transmute their daily experiences into a powerful new map for the future.

Each participant is required to post an offering about permaculture for discussion no later than 2 weeks before 1/27

Offerings can include: a poem, a photo, an illustration, a short video, a short story or brief news item pertaining to permaculture that will be posted on Magazine for pre-workshop sharing and reflection. Offerings will be emailed to: Pscompub at

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Workshop - Part One (.5 hr.)

Discussion Part 1

We will discuss the participant offerings and generate a list of common visions, questions, values and challenges in permaculture. Led by David Metcalfe and Willi Paul.

We will also begin to consider the definition and role of the new alchemy and mythologies in each participant's life. This alchemic interactive flow is an integral part of the experience and allows participants to envision new ways to collaborate, cognate and create viable solutions.

Workshop - Part Two (.5 hr.)

Guest Speaker: Catherine Walker
  • "landscape becomes a shimmering constellation of interconnection" and our
  • "relationship with this mystery"

Workshop Part Three (.5 hr.)

Outcomes / Products - Discussion Part 2
We will discuss lessons learned from the offerings and Catherine's presentation and continue to refine a list of common visions, images and challenges for permaculture. All posts, chats, voices, text and images will be used to produce whiteboard jpg's as Alchemic Maps for a Mythic Reservoir of workshop interactions.

The Mythic Reservoir allows participants and interested seekers to return to the recorded media at a later time and view the living interactions of the workshop to guide their future permaculture activities.

Open Myth Source - Reservoir, the OMS community of practice for workshop participants and daily discussions is on Facebook. Please join us now!

Please register by sending an email:
pscompub at