The Humanurians are Coming! The Humanurians are Coming! The Eden EcoVillage Project - Interview with Founder T. McClure, Sonoma, CA. By Willi Paul, Magazine
The Humanurians are Coming! The Humanurians are Coming! The Eden EcoVillage Project - Interview with Founder T. McClure, Sonoma, CA. By Willi Paul, Magazine

Introduction by T. McClure

We are beginning to see why a unified field theory of a natural order of priorities needs to be re-established, which puts the Earth First, so we can teach our children, by setting a good example, and the rest of the world, as a demonstration project, so they can see how it works, which is what Eden was created for, and to create a new way, to prevent the need for conflict resolution, as we can see the need for that all over the world, which is coming apart at the seams, because of a lack of an Integrated Universal Doctrine of Truth.

The People, or the Nations, are not on a par with the natural world, as equals, not even the First Peoples, or the First Nations.

We make up only a small part of the whole. The Nations are all only temporary groupings that come and go because of a lack of a universal order. That is where the heart of the new doctrine is really coming from, that we are all still working on, and I do welcome full collaboration from all others, who may have a real contribution to make, and not just a destructive outburst, in a fit of revenge.

That was all well known by native peoples, but this really is something which modern day people, may have to have carefully explained to them, and this really can be proven, and demonstrated, in a very systematic way, to be a workable system, that is based on Truth.

We can use this, as a tool, to keep the peace, but the people of the pre-diasporas times will only accept these well placed words of Truth, against their will, and only if it can be shown to be a necessary tool that will serve some real purpose, because of its great expense, but they will not ever choose to believe that, and to accept that, and not pay for that, at their own expense, and they will not ever want to buy that, from free choice, like a consumer product that they will pick up, right off the shelf, as a desirable new product, unless it served their second hand self centric world viewpoints, which were all set up to serve the economy, and not the Earth, thinking that the basis of a real economy could forever be based on consumer spending, when the real basis of the Economy is the Ecological world that is being shot right out from under us.

Why are they so self centric? Mass Indoctrination.

It is not seen, by them, as being in their personal favor, and it does not serve their personal God, of Self First, in the competition to get their fair share, and to keep up, and to get ahead, which is what real justice means to them, and to get even, and to get revenge, is part of that, and so in this way, they will gladly pit themselves against the Earth, as they would normally do, out of resentment and revenge, even, when they have to go head to head, against any other seriously bad contender, for top dog position, such as T, or any other competitors, like the illegal aliens, who would ever dare to go against their own super fine bad self, which is the real God that they really do put first, and they have no desire to serve any other God, which is of course, the only job we actually do have for them, to serve the community, and to serve the Earth.

It is no wonder we are up against it here, and having to fight people off, for they are a greedy and a grabby bunch, who see the EcoVillage as a product for sale, when of course, it is not.

The people will very often not even consider the all important health and well being of the Earth, as anything, but an unimportant afterthought.

The Earth can eat last, the way they see it, and only if anything is still left over, after the party, like a beaten dog, if it is still alive, but only after the people have all had their fill of drunken over-consumption, out of consumer madness.

And if the dog is dead, then they will just bury the mutt, and be done with it, when of course, it is just exactly the opposite, meaning that the people will have to eat last, only after the Earth has been fed, and if anyone dies around here, it will have to be the people, who will have to die first, under this Green New Regime, of Truth First or Die, and the last of them will not be buried at all.

I know this sounds kind of tough, but there are many examples all around the world, where that is already happening.

The People really are dying right now, of environment breakdown, and precisely, in those old world areas, for the most part, where the existing everyday human practices, of continual deforestation, and overpopulation, have devastated the natural world around them!

Some of the world's Poorest People have failed us miserably, and so they must be judged. Now the rich are doing it with high technology, and so they must be judged, and dismantled, as well.

Japan takes 80 percent of the world catch of Blue Fin Tuna, and Whales. How long can we keep this up? Goodbye Japan. The Corporations and the nation states are now killing the Earth as well, along with the Church, when it was already in bad enough condition. These are the powerful forces that are going to work very hard to uphold the status quo.

We cannot go directly against them, because they have us out-gunned, and out-numbered, and there are reasons why, we can only make so much of an impact, due to the law of action-reaction, so we can only disengage, for the most part, and to set up a new place that works in accordance with a whole new set of principles, and from our place of self sufficiency, we will make more waves that will travel farther, and do more good, as a living demonstration, of how we should all be living.

We are not equal to the Earth, or Earthm, which is as a God to us that is neither male nor female, which we call Earthm, because of the buzzing, humming sounds of life.

As Chief Seattle once said:

The People do not own the earth.
The Earth owns the people.

Or as Gandhi once said, The Truth is the Highest God. My name is T. That stands for Truth, in honor of the Highest God. I do hope no one is offended by that.

* * * * * * *

Interview with T. McClure by Willi Paul

What existing sustainable communities are you reviewing for the Eden Project?

None. The Eden EcoVillage Project really is a unique creation that is to be built in accordance with all new principles.

You say that Truth is the Highest God. Is this one God, within one religion?

No. The Truth is held as being a Universal Principle that has been recognized by most all of the world's religions, as Jesus said that the Truth shall set you free, as that is the ultimate source of any Real Freedom, which is from the darkness of ignorance. Truth is the Light and the Light is the way to Freedom, which I believe is what Jesus was talking about, and this is the God that I serve, as a man of Truth, as we should all, and that means that we put Truth First!

It is when we put the wants and the needs of people first, in the place of the all embracing Truth that we find that all the injustice only compounds, and this is the cause of all war.

The idea that my rights end, at the point where your rights begin, is very much like property rights, in that sense, but that leaves a lot of room for endless disputes, over these overlapping rights which have been painted drunkenly with too broad of a brush, to begin with, and another think is that leaves no room for the natural world, to remain unspoiled, in between those spheres of dictatorship like influence, since we have given all the rights away, prematurely, to the point of excess, to the people, and their needs have been put first, out of sheer madness.

A lot of wars are caused by boundary disputes, like the one we see brewing with Israel, and Palestine, and their rights to take a big chunk out of Jerusalem, which cannot be solved by the means available to the modern democracies of the day, except to build another Berlin Wall right through the middle of town, which would be the all male solution, which leaves no space in between these two opposing parties.

We need to lay down some limits on all these imaginary human rights in favor of the natural world, which has been ignored in favor of the people's needs centricity, which is the only thing that can be expected to come out of the mass democracies of the day, along with a lot of mediocre compromises which show no regard for the Truth coming First.

When some small part of the Truth is found, then it should be quickly adopted and put into protection, like a seed, so that it might not ever be lost again, because that should be seen as being a precious part of the living whole body of Truth, which is all to be collected, and fitted together, so they can all be reunited, as these various little pieces of the Truth have a magic capability, that they all fit together, and they are all fully compatible with each other, and so you will end up with a big pile of Universal Integration on your hands, which is not a bad place to be.

What you can build with those valuable little pieces of the Whole Truth, about who we are as, individuals, and as a people, and what it is that we are engaged within, is something that can be totally depended upon, because it is fully integrated with everything else, like a magic key that opens every lock.

That Truth becomes a new set of Tools, that we can use to make further tools, and that will unlock even more Truth, giving us more tools, and that will help us to resolve conflicts before they happen, which is the only way to social justice, because you can't fix all things after they have been broken, simply using the mass democratic system, which is all based on what people want, and what they like, and not what is true.

And of course everything they believe is True lines up perfectly with what they have been taught in the public school systems, and in the mass media indoctrination environments, which panders only to the spirit of mass mediocrity, which all contains a thoughtless disregard for all Truth forever, just like the media magic of technology was something the politicians could use to defend ourselves from the Truth, and to get them elected, and none of that amounts to anything real, and our systems of conflict resolution do not work, and that shows us something by not being workable, and yet we can't understand why these people can't just work out their differences, but the reason that we have strayed from the primary focus, is because of a worldwide lack of respect for Universal Integration.

What are your key symbols, stories, songs and myths at Eden?

The small child in its mothers arms symbolizes a new beginning which we represent as something that needs a mother to do all the work, which is what we are asking from those who are really very deeply interested, to become prepared to do all the work, not to come expecting to be spoiled rotten, like a child, by Eden, as the mother, because Eden is the Child, which does need a whole lot of mothers, even male mothers, but it is not the mother.

The Story of Adam and Eve, is another one, and how they lost the garden, by not protecting the Trees, which if you recall, was supposed to be central to the Garden.

That is our take on it, anyway, that this was a warning to us, not to overly exploit the garden, which represents the well balanced ecosystem, but to take good care of it, as Good Stewards of the Earth, who should take good care of the whole web of life like a newborn child.

We hold that Eden is likely to be the real name of the Earth, in its primordial state of ecological integration. We are in Eden, and we could lose Eden. What was great could turn very bad, simply due to overpopulation and a misplace order of priorities that puts mere human needs first, before the Web of Life.

We see ourselves as being the new Adams and Eves of this world.

We don't think this is ancient history, about something that happened before, but we see it as a prediction about the future consequences, of runaway over-development, and the exploitation of the Earth to suit human needs.

Another Ancient Myth would be the Myth of the Great Deluge. We feel that we are the people who are supposed to build the Ark.

We are the people who are to get ready now for a great deluge, which we see as being the onslaught of the extreme weather consequences from global warming, as we have seen the possible beginnings of very recently, in the form of a big increase in natural weather based disasters, many of which have been flood related, but no flood was likely to have ever affected the whole world before, not like the one described, because there is not enough water for that, but this one will, because the word flood is used to signify what it will be like, when something is upon you, like a flood, that you can do nothing about changing it, not when it is already upon you, and so you can only hope to focus on saving your selves, and the animals.

Notice that the Ark is to be loaded up, two by two, which is with the smallest possible sustainable population conceivable, of all the various endangered species on Earth, to save them in these very sparse numbers, which is very risky to say the least.

But saving all the endangered species, or any at all, would never have even occurred to the tribal peoples of these ancient times. Only recently can we even begin to put this new viewpoint together, that God is not going to do it, but that we are going to have to do it, as a family tribe, with our own resources, or we will all die.

Is sustainability like a new religion?

That's the way we see it. Sustainability is at the heart of this whole thing. The reason we have gotten in trouble with the Earth, is that we have suspended the ancient mandate, to live sustainably, and in faithful accordance with the Spirit of Truth, and with no wishful thinking about how we want things to be different, when that is not the way it is.

We decided, to go against that mandate, to seek the Truth, in our youthful arrogance, as a matter of national pride, and to live in accordance with what we wanted to be true, and what we wanted to be true, was what we had been taught was true, and part of that was that we would never run out of resources, at least not here in America, which was somehow thought of as being a blessed land of plenty, unlike all the other continents, which could support unlimited numbers of consumers, forever, and the endless numbers of over-developers, because God is always going to be on our side, like a good hunting dog, and because God would always provide, when that is probably not True, since we are probably going to be expected to manage our resources wisely.

God may well provide, but Truth is not going to provide, because Truth does not provide, as all necessary nutrients are for us to earn, from an unspoiled natural world, and to take as we give, in the give and take of life, and in exchange for what we have put into it, and for what we have given back, to the whole web of life. God is probably not here to serve our selfish purposes. The people are not living sustainably. They have overpopulated their limited habitats. The Environmental Degradation will kill us all.

The source of all life is the Earth, or Earthm, as we call it, as in rhythm, to bring out the humming, buzzing, vibratory, rhythmic sound of all living things, fulfilling their various duties in the whole Web of Life, which is not a thing that we own, or have any right to exploit, and so our membership can be terminated for lack of contribution, and for over-consumption.

It is a self determinate living network of life that we are a very necessary part of, and must begin to work for. Our job is to protect the Forests, and to stop the over-development, by dismantling the corporations, and to re-establish the Earth, as the highest priority, in decision making, using the Truth, in order to stop this runaway spending, instead of resorting to a popularity dispute, which leads only to more runaway spending, as we have seen around the world.

Death is to be seen, within this new religion, as being a very necessary part of the Eco-System.

Death is our good friend, and so there is no reason why that should creep anybody out, who stands in firm alliance with Truth, but it does creep a lot of people out, who are most deeply at odds with the Truth, and who are no friends with the Earth. They fear Death, as being the end of the great deception, when their little game will be over, knowing that they will be caught red handed, and that they will be hanged, for what they have been doing to the Earth.

Can you elaborate on this: "I have already become someone who is more than just useful. Now it is time for all the others to begin to do the same thing, only differently."

As you have probably guessed, most of these perspectives, which do flow from one into the other, quite beautifully, in full accordance with the Honor System, have actually not been created by a senseless committee of bumblers after all, which would have given us a jumbled up bunch old junk that just doesn't fit together in the least, because of the lack of Truth being at the basis of any of the decisions, which normally always come only from what people want, and what they believe, both of which have been media generated.

It is just like mirror mirror on the wall trip.

They get what they want, even if it kills them, at great expense to the Earth, and it will, if we cannot take that very dangerous weapon of choice away from these little children of today, who have made no connection with Truth, and so they have no idea what that even means.

A fully integrated system, like the Honor System, which works within the Natural Order of Priorities, and which may lead us all the way to Universal Integration, was built out of the hard won conclusions of just one crazy mad man, who is not just another pandering politician, and who does not have to make any promises to anybody.

If I have specifically organized, and presented to the world, in its raw form, all these new ideas, it is not just to upset the status quo, and to stop to all this business as usual thinking, that need makes right, and that more is better, just to make people think about why they believe only what they were told they had better believe, unless they want to be kicked right out, by the educational media politicians, and society in general, where you see people getting kicked out all the time, for crossing that thin line of self deception, when none of that has been checked out for bugs, and even the littlest bug, as you know, can wreak havoc upon the world.

The Truth is not just one man talking, which would be just way too easy, even though it may seem that way, like I was just spouting off just to hear myself speak, but a whole lot of good work went into building all of these ideas that all fit together quite nicely. This is something real. This is something True, and very necessary that can stand as the basis for what we are building, because everything worth doing is worth doing right. I have made a pretty good start.

Now might be a good time for some of the more significant others, to begin to make a compatible contribution.

But we like to do things, in accordance with the way it is within the forest ecosystem, when you have one species of Tree doing one job, such as I have been doing, to create a unified vision, what we need is complimentary contributions.

We don't need the others, to all take up the same kind of work, in direct competition with yours, to try to drag us back down and to replace the Truth, as the central focus, with the same old status quo junk, having to do with need, from right out of the distant past, because that would only negate the process, of further growth and enrichment, that has been planned for, as part of the unified vision, since the forest ecosystem does not need all the Trees to be cut down, such as these newly hard won principles, before they have earned a right to even join in at all.

But it does need mushrooms, and it does need ferns, and it does need snails, and so each new element that is to be added, within the ecosystem, really does need to be very different, from what is already there, so that we really will have the widest diversity imaginable of all good things that really do have a real contribution to make, and not just a lot of invasive intruders, who will come here with an entirely different set of reasons, and a personal agenda that may be coming, from their own personal needs coming first, as it is in their worlds.

When you have a well seasoned creator God, who has proven the quality of his humble creativity, knocking out a good set of ideals that really do work, like I have been doing, it doesn't help to have a beginner going against the rhythm of the new Truth Carrier, who is only initiating a whole new sound, as he is not killing the whole world, with this new Truth, even though this new Truth really is to be feared, because it really is very deadly to those who depend upon worldwide ignorance, and so this whole new perspective, really is a very real threat to the church, for instance, and the status quo in general, and we are all carrying just a little bit of that, and so that will have to be removed.

The new people, therefore, all have to try to find a way, initially, to work off of the original new material, as laid down by the author, and to produce nothing, but complementary additions, to begin with, and for the first 3 to 5 years, in a way which supports and amplifies the original signal, because it would help greatly if others could learn to reproduce the signal, and that might even be a requirement for entry, which shows how new things can be fit in, with the original materials, when they are compatible, or faithful, to the original Spirit of Truth, which was meant to lead the way towards Universal Integration.

Very often we may even have someone, who wants to bring us right back down to the status quo of no return, as illegal aliens with no entry, which the original Truth Carrier may be trying to lead the people away from, or they will simply not know any other way to play, but to pick a fight, with the original idea builder, who started this whole ball rolling, in the first place, just to serve the greater good, and to achieve the higher goal, of Universal Integration, through EcoVillage Community, as a means, and not just to become the peoples play toy, so more people can play around more insanely, within the EcoVillage Community, just because the people's needs come first party wants all the benefits, of the EcoVillage Community, and to reap the rewards, both socially and materially, which is all because of wrong education, which seeks an uneasy peace, through ignorance, over a harsh war for the Truth, which has made it so that we cannot disengage some of these people, from the one nation under the god of over-consumption forever mediocrity.

The people have been mis-educated so that they cannot join ever overcome these hurdles that make it impossible to come together in collaboration, to create the One First Nations Inter-Tribal EcoVillage Community built right on top of the bottom less pit of need and greed and the fear of death, with some of these people, because we really are choosing, to marry up, with the whole community, in the name of Truth, until death do us part, and many of them are just not going to be ready for it, because of a previous marriage that has still not been terminate.

Eden has 800 members; how many are likely "rebellious misfits?"

Not that many really. All too many. This country has always honored the spirit of rebellion, which began with the revolutionary war, when we rebelled against the King, and so we have all learned the sweetly self satisfying righteousness of self destructive rebellion, but that can be a self deceptive path leading directly towards premature warfare over nothing.

Faithful actions performed on a daily basis, in accordance with Truth, and Sustainability, and with an eye towards preventing the need for peaceful conflict resolution is the real way, to make a place for peace in our world, and even some of these popular personality rights, as we have seen, can get in the way of that when they have been prematurely handed out, and fully extended, wall to wall, and are ready to be burned, before they had even been earned, which is usually because no consideration was given to the source of those rights, and who had to die to make that available.

Where did they come from? What made that right? God? Give me a break. Those were granted by cowardly self deceivers who got together and voted for what they wanted to do to the Earth, so they could rape and plunder the Earth to death in unison. That is where all these personal self centric rights really came from, to exert power over others, and to exert power over the Earth.

The bad boys, and girls, will come at us, with the clear intent, to take us right down, because they are coming from a corrupted culture of need and greed driven madness and mayhem, and I do not intend to take them all on, single-handedly, so after I have dropped them like a stone, what we will need to have is a human wall of solidarity that can go up like a firewall at any time, to be talked about later, even if we have to shut a few systems down, just as a matter of internal security, until the threat of an invasion has passed, because we are becoming a very attractive target, so the people should have some responsibilities towards the initiating organizer, just because of the amount and the quality of the work he has done, not that any agrees with anything, since that is not necessary, and that is not valued, since that does not amount to a real contribution.

How do you tackle the challenge of "linking people (back) to the land?"

Our Plan is to have the people marry right up to the whole community wellness project for life, where they support the whole community, with their own resources, by making contributions, and then never taking anything back, or by sucking the life out of the community, except for what is voluntarily sent their way, by the others, throughout the community, in the form of resources and nutrients, lovingly given, as part of the natural exchange of nutrients and resources.

That may or may not balance out with what they may think they should get back, and they do expect so much, usually in return for little or nothing, so in return for their commitment of resources, of nutrients and energies, which they have pledged, above and beyond that fair share principle, which no one can control, we will set them up with a 3 acre homestead, and a 2 acre farm site, on which some will make a good living for life, valued at $28,800. to $45,000., and that is something they can build a house on, and that can be left to the next generation, and that can be shared among as many as 12 people.

How will the members govern themselves?

We will have a Three Quarters Consensus Council, to assure that none of the undergods can clog up the works indeterminately just to get attention, or to make people mad at them, which for some people is just a good way to stick it to the man, which they must get off on, because this does feed them in some perverse way. We can't be susceptible to these sick undercurrents of neediness and pain.

Do you see as a useful meditation or educational path for the community?

Very much so. There are many good things that should fit in quite nicely, under the canopy of the all encompassing Truth, and they can live under the fallen logs in the forest, and find some niche, in the exchange of nutrients and resources, as I mentioned earlier, which is like the forest ecosystem that can provide only some of the best of the many fine folks from around the world, who are really going to love this, with a lot of cooling shade, and some protection from the winds of mass self deception, along with a free water supply for life, and a stone to be your wife.

This is all about creating better habitat, for all the plants and animals to share, as long as they really do find a real niche where they can make a real contribution, and are not just draining our collective resources, out of need and greed. One rule for the herbivores might be not to chew on the trunks of the Trees.

If you do run out of food, then just let us know, and maybe we will drop a few branches, fully laden with berries, and lush green foliage, next time there is a windstorm. I am sure you folks will have much to contribute.

Tell me about your Natural Order of Priorities? What are these based on?

A whole new order of priorities is now in the making, since it has been launched, and that is just my small contribution to the whole entire body of Truth, which is our God, and that is based on the Eco-Logical realities, in Truth, as our new basis for all knowledge.

Here is the big long story:

The First Order or Priorities was the way of tribal community, that we are all part of the Earth. This can still be found among native peoples throughout the world.

The Second Order of Priorities was based on the church, and all the holy pronouncements of the church, which was their God, and that was imposed on a whole lot of other people, that all you had to do was to please God, which almost gave people permission to wreak havoc upon the Earth, since that would no longer be necessary, and none of the other life forms mattered, since they were just animals.

The Third Order of Priorities, or the third Reich, was based on scientific materialism, which left God out of the picture entirely, and then it went the other way completely, and that gave us even more permission to wreak havoc upon the Earth, and the animals and peoples, because there was no God to answer to, an nothing to base any decisions about right and wrong on, which lead to a sense of meaningless nihilism, and that supported Nazism.

And we are still at that place, different brand of Nazism, different place, but the idea was that whatever changes we put into place, like Global Warming, we will just be able to invent a new device that will handle that, and by the time we have completely destroyed the entire ecosystem, that will no longer be necessary, because by that time we will most certainly be able, to invent an artificial substitute for it. Even all of life is completely disposable with scientific materialism because nothing is sacred, and so it was just survival of the fittest, and might makes right, and anonymous isolation, all over the place.

The Natural Order of Priorities, is not an entirely whole new system, because it is very much like a return to the first order of priorities of first peoples, or native peoples, which is that of tribal community, with respect for the Earth coming first, and the protection of the whole web of life, which we call Earthm.

That is based on an entirely different principle, which is that of Eco-Logical Integration, or learning from the natural world, how to learn instead of burn, that we are a living part of the Earth, and of the community, for starters, and that we are not separate, because we are now known, to be very social animals.

We cannot live in a disintegrating artificial environment, without being fully integrated, within a healthy place to live, and a healthy community of relationships to live within, and that is within the tribal ecosystem, and that includes our own relationships to the Earth.

Everything derives from the ecological realities, such as that you have to earn it before you can burn it, and there are no Lateral Moves, and in this perspective the Earth comes first, in the Natural Order of Priorities, so we get to make some new tools that we can use, to make some clear distinctions, about what is True that would just not have been possible before. We are building a whole new basis for what we believe, drawing from the world of Ecology, and Earth Religion.

Most of our mistakes in the past, have had to do with using a completely unnatural order of priorities that was all based on Religious theology, which has now been combined with materialistic consumerism.

Even things like putting human need first, before the Earth, which used to seem nice enough, should have raised some red flags a very long time ago, by some of the hard truth thinkers, but it did not, or if it did they were just tagged, and bagged for removal, since they were just not towing the modern day party line of double talk no matter what.

That which was all based on some of the older theological notions, can now be seen in a new light, as a form of self deception, using an untested set of beliefs, from one people, as the foundation of all thought, and what is true for all peoples, in all climate zones.

Religious Theology taught the people to fear death, and to fear the magic of the Earth, and that God comes first, and that the people are the only other things that matter, with no regard for all the other living things within the web of life that we all share, so you can see why that was a treacherous deception that worked so well, because the religious chump was made to feel better than all the others, which is how these deceptions work, by giving the chump a false sense of elevation, when he was not even moving, must less was he climbing rapidly, so we got conned into thinking that we were better, as a society that was the acme of creation, so we could disregard what all the other living things had to tell us, like the plant spirits, and the animal guides, and we could disregard what ancient peoples had accomplished, and that we could even disregard our own relationship to the Earth, or Earthm, and our great debt of gratitude, to our parents, and to our ancestors, for the many who have died, in childbirth, just so that we could get this far, let us hope, for some real purpose.

Scientific Materialism taught people to fear death even more, and that due to the vacuum of power, then man comes first, and all his likes and dislikes, and what he wants to believe, and specifically the white man, who was taught to put himself first, due to his slight advantages in some few ways, like scientific thinking, which does have some value, but they were taught that they could disregard what all the ancient peoples had accomplished, and that they could disregard their own relationship to Earthm, or to the Earth, and that we could forget about our own parents, and the many who had died, in childbirth, just to help us to get this far, let us hope, for some real purpose.

The Natural Order of Priorities is the new basis for re-prioritizing all these things that we have gotten wrong, and when you see wrong results, then you know you might have a wrong idea, such as we see all over the world right now, where some of the most glaring problems like overpopulation, and global warming, and peace are just about completely untouchable, using these crude tools that were handed down to us.

Humanurians? Care to elaborate, T?

No, I don't care to elaborate.

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T. McClure