's Interview with Willi Paul, Magazine by Bart Anderson's Interview with Willi Paul, Magazine by Bart Anderson.

Curious about this interview, I sent some questions to Willi Paul, author of the article and publisher of PlanetShifter Magazine. Here are some of his replies.

Q: What exactly is Magazine and what are you trying to accomplish with it? Magazine continues its educational and community building mission of show casing innovative web sites, tools and thought leaders in the green sector with a special emphasis on creating new alchemy and myths for the Sustainability Age. Please see two sites:

archive: [ openmythsource ]

and the new site with David Metcalfe: openmythsource .com

Q: What is, what is your relationship to it? (where is it located, what are its aims) is an educational group but more of a meditation or prayer to me - hope. I have published three interviews with its founder and director Trathen Heckman and find his leadership in the permaculture realm inspiring. I support this Petaluma, CA NPO as their community relationship consultant, interviewing folks in their network, and re-publishing much of my work from Magazine on their blog.

Q: What is your relationship to the Transition Movement? Do you have any thoughts or suggestions in regard to it?

First-off, I re-post my Magazine vision on the Transition US web site. I have published two highly acclaimed interviews with Transition people including Transition US Co-Founder and President Raven Gray and Soul Ecologist Catherine Walker.

My own journey since launching back on EarthDay 2009 is to say the least, way out the green box and uber-paradoxical. I constantly wrestle with my heart on what exactly I'm doing: saving the planet or the humans destroying it? I work with multiple networks and give away my ideas every day but find myself tunneling into the Wild West paradigm (everyman for her/himself).

I have less faith in the eco-group surge; more in the spirit.