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    Welcome to the chaos age!

    No mp3s, but you can get (maybe) white labels from the Munich office in a few weeks. Try emailing them...I actually don't know who's doing promo.

    Except I bet they can't do it, since you're in a licensee's territory. But I will give you a password for a page that I'm working on for press. It's got tons of writing that willl act as a cure to the world's insomnia. Give me a week or two. It's terribly boring stuff, but it will make it easier for the occasional press person.

    I did an artist's playlist for ECM, and it's up somewhere, along with copious annotation. I haven't seen it, but I hear it's up.

    And...the music is good, but it's not overwhelming. Keep the bar low, or where it's always been---

    The new one I'm working on is going to be pretty darn good, I have to say. Lots of electricity. Large Sound Collider.
    Steve Tibbetts

    "The highest concern of all the mythologies, ceremonials, ethical systems, and social organizations of the agriculturally based societies has ever been that of suppressing the manifestations of individualism; and this has been generally achieved by compelling or persuading people to identify themselves not with their own interests, intuitions, or modes of experience, but with archetypes of behavior and systems of sentiment developed and maintained in the public domain. (2018, 130)"
    Joseph Campbell in his essay "Symbol Without Meaning" in The Flight of the Wild Gander.

    Hey Willi, Check out the first principle, 'Solidarity', which talks about the Community as Hero.

    Solidarity. Sharing Cities represents a revived story about cities that recognizes community as the heroic protagonist in urban transformation. Aristotle, the leading philosopher during Athens' golden age, believed that the city existed for the well-being of its people. In this story, people work together for the common good rather than compete for scarce resources. This age-old wisdom challenges popular narratives that portray high technology and competitive markets as heroes in the story of cities. A Sharing City is of, by and for all people no matter their race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or ability. In other words, Sharing Cities are primarily civic, with residents focused on taking care of each other, their city, and partner cities too. Their primary function is to produce residents capable of working together for the common good, the foundational skill that makes all other things possible in society. Looking forward, and to paraphrase the Buddhist monk Thích Nhât Hanh, the next Buddha will be community. A multitude of loving, human-scale communities managed by capable residents is how we'll protect all life on earth. The solution is us.
    Peter Ruddock, TPA
    11 core principles for Sharing Cities

    As I understand, there is a difference between Miths and Legends, being the firsts invention not demostrable and sometime pernicious to humanity like the "New Age" believes of Asrology, Tarot and Cristal power. About the other, I think they in a long time to eventually come, we have the legends based in reality of the founders of Permaculture and best practitioners like Bill Mollison, David Holmgren, Geof Geoff Lawton and John Dennis Liu. The rest is for us to restore and inhabit Planet Earth as Ecology teaches and demand.
    Pedro Di Girólamo Armanet, FB

    Hi Pedro - These are different things. Legends are more local or regional people and tales while myths are global. You mentions permaculture heroes but now see the community as the hero. This is a recent work that may inform this discussion: "New Testament" - Innovations for Mythology in the Chaos Age: 2009 - 2018. eResource #40 from Willi Paul and -

    Hi Willi... Given your expertise, I thought it would be nice to connect with you here on LinkedIn. My new book, "Living the Hero's Journey," is based on the work of Joseph Campbell.
    ~ Will,

    Hola + thx. I am a trained Jungian art therapist and a Earth thumper politico. Now semi-retired. SUPPORT WIKILEAKS PLEASE.
    Bonnie Davis DiPietro, LI

    Hello, I"m a longtime writer of travel stories and student of mythology, having studies with Martin Shaw for a year time program he conducted in Pt Reyes California. I'd love to join this group.
    Katrina Howell

    Hi Willi, Thanks for the links, I'll be sure to check your stuff out soon. I'm glad you are active in the realm of myth. I have similar focus! My current need is to secure more financial security via clients and projects. If you have any connections in portland Oregon / southern WA / or CA that want holistic land regeneration, I'm taking on new projects now. Also starting to transition my marketing from home scale to restoration/conservation/ag scale for farmers, nonprofits, or municipalities.

    I'm doing my own deep research into Tim Leary's 8 brain circuits and the ET Higher Intelligence / metaprogramming in myth and direct practice for Increased Intelligence. I'm wondering where that lineage of thought petered out,,, I just found the thread via Robert Anton Wilson and will be following it further. It's nice to connect in the synchronicitous realms of Jung and your message and digital presence is emanating that sort of connection and openness to me. Thanks for the spark. Interested to know how we might catch flame. I'm intrigued. How do you like to conduct interviews? I think that could be fun.

    Written, filmed, or voice recorded? It would be great if we are able to capture an articulate flow moment. They show up every once and a while, and I like the idea of securing them in the form of sharable content. Your myth writing e-workshop sounds quite fun. I have been interested in getting some sort of accountability game started for creative writing and content generation. Seems like your system might be a nice one to engage with. I just applied to be in your google group.
    -Nick Lake-

    Thank you for your own invaluable work at this time of unprecedented change.
    Eva Rider, LI

    Appreciate all you do.
    Erik Ohlsen, Author|Publisher,

    Hey Willi,
    I got your email, intriguing stuff (I'm way into mythology personally). Thanks for all your great planet-shifting work :)
    Nils Palsson, TransitionUS

    "Crypto Currency for Permaculture?"
    An Interview with Steve Cran, Green Warrior Permaculture

    I like the idea of a crypto-currency based on real ("estate") value rather than fossil-fueled digital "mining", and land-based production. Should be an entertaining experience to devise a working example of such. And I look forward to examples of tiny-housed farm communities in our human-starved Oregon landscapes. It could be the only way we can stave off total urbanization and it's conjoined twin agro-industrialization. One Planet Oregon is an attempt in that direction based on the Welsh example, and I'd hope we all get to understand what they're trying to do and help get it done.
    Rick Valley, EU Perm

    And what's to stop people from floating loans using this latest unofficial currency? Why is this unofficial currency scheme any better than the countless earlier schemes that we've seen here and there, now and then? What's to stop a group from setting up a "bank" and offering loans in the unofficial currency? What's to stop some mentally ill person who thinks that happiness is proportional to one's bank balance from amassing trillions of the unofficial currency units and becoming one of the new plutocrats, then wanting to amass still more because he still isn't happy? (These folks are always "he".)

    Do you really feel that buying one's home with a mortgage is bad? Or financing a car purchase? All due respect, but I feel that switching from one currency to another will not even touch the problems arising from excessive debt. It's the excess that's the problem.
    Pete Benson

    Andrew Langford For permaculture (and the rest of the world-change movement) I suggest currencies that use the holochain architecture - a super-advanced and decentralized architecture that is designed to avoid the pitfalls of the current block-chain speculation machines ... check it out ...
    Andrew Langford

    Hi Willi, so great to be connected with you. The work you have done and continue to do is incredible. I love that we share many of the same interests including, permaculture, sustainability, transformation and beyond. My purpose right now is really empowering resilient-driven leaders and change-makers to high performance health in their inner and outer nature. I focus a lot on helping to restore the gut microbiome with my clients I work with and sharing the vital interconnection of our inner nature to the biome of the soil. I am excited to explore some ways in which we could potentially collaborate. Any ideas to start?
    Breanne Gibson, LI

    Hi Willi, This is fascinating work (new theory of mythology) and I would imagine the work being done at the Schumacher Institute (UK) and by Vandana Shiva (India) would really resonate with you. Best of luck--we need these stories now more than ever!
    April Heaslip, LI

    - Marilyn Schultz Interview Questions -

    I am working on an integrated theory of new mythology that includes permaculture, environmental and sound archetypes and sound myths.

    There are multitudes of creation myths and apocalyptic groups boiling up and over from our subconscious to our consciousness. We are in a grey zone between the two, with each vision and energy and manifestation fighting the psyche.

    Does Joseph Campbell's work offer us insight into this struggle? Are there gaps and missing innovations in his canon that need to be addressed to update and make mythology vibrant again?

    How is classic mythology supporting new social initiations? Rituals?

    How do sound archetypes contribute to the initiation, journey and (community) hero from Campbell?

    Can a "Sound Myth" be a series of integrated Sound Archetypes that have a universal theme and message?

    If we can feel the power of myth from storytellers, then why not from content pulsed by sound archetypes?

    How can Permaculture break-out of its "new farming" label and manifest its community values sharing values for a new mythology?

    What is a mythic experience? It online or offline? Universal? Fiction?

    Archetypical sound is an alchemical or transmutation process, where the recombining of elements and the interactive process is more important than the product. Also examine myth in soundscapes - or how the imagination of each listener both creates and recombines a story and how the meanings evolve as each collaboration changes the forces. These fragments can be re-mixed as each new group is created.

    My understanding of sound archetypes is that an archetype resides in the subconscious and couples with a sound in the consciousness to become an archetypical sound. How do you know when you hear / feel a sound archetype?

    How do we translate or transmute sound archetypes into visual cues, messages, initiations and global meanings?

    Are sound archetypes connected to memories and new feelings?

    Can a sound archetype help to create a new language, code, or meme?

    What components in rock music utilize sound archetypes (vs. metaphors)?

    VR is prescribed; man-made. It's not about anything new. Playing a war game in a goggle is not a challenging or celebratory act. Not a community event.

    How are you using VR personally and educationally?

    "Target = Blank: A Critique of"

    Willi, you hit the nail on the head with many topics here. I am an action person. When the past complaints about dog poop in the parks and downtown came up, I suggested people go to City Hall and present it to council...I was the only one who showed up. I spoke for 3 minutes, shared community concerns, gave some suggestions and lo and behold, the council heard me and acted on it. I may be called "The Crazy Poop Lady" now, and I don't even own a dog, but my point is that some issues are best directed to those who can actually do something about them. They are good listeners. Chatting on a topic is one thing. Asking for help from those who can make it happen just makes sense.

    Well said and presented, Willi. I can not disagree with one thing. I would like to also elaborate on the most important sentence in your text: "Get out of virtual neighborhood and into real life". AMEN! Not just with Nextdoor, but everywhere. Society is turning into nameless and faceless rhetoric. Harmful. Antisocial. Sad.

    What is Nextdoor? It's a company that's beholden to it's investors with a focus on generating revenue selling ads and data. Period. Are they here to support someone's idea of a utopian society? Frankly, I don't want to see political rhetoric coming up on my feed when I come here. I get enough of that on the news and social media. When you start a post here or any other community board, all bets are off. Expect to be challenged or encounter someone with an opposite opinion, otherwise don't start a thread. We don't own this site - we're only guests. Nextdoor - their house, their rules.

    Next door is a police tool for gentrifiers from the East Bay Express in Oakland