We are the Matrix
Zoo Station

I'm ready
I'm ready for the laughing gas
I'm ready
I'm ready for what's next
I'm ready to duck
I'm ready to dive
I'm ready to say
I'm glad to be alive
I'm ready
I'm ready for the push

by U2

* * * * * *

We are the Matrix

The cross platform troops rise, google, footprint, apple, soft, fire fox

Come up and spill in...
The new you
It's the new me
We are the Sea
The Top of the Feel
Come up and plant that stake!
We are the new economy

We are the Matrix
We are the green market honey bees
The soil and the rind
The barter revolution begins
Turn up the amps
Spill the incense
Kill the tv
Catch the Moon
Kiss mommy's purple haze

We are the Matrix
God is on our side, pray that our songs
will be eternity

willipaul.com 2009