Favorpals: Serving each other through a spirit of collective cooperation
About Favorpals (beta)


We are a small team of software developers that has been engaged with the Internet since the early nineties. Favorpals is our response to the untapped potential for mutual benefit that we see in the connections billions of people are making on the World Wide Web every day. Our company is dedicated to the belief that human beings can better serve each other through a spirit of collective cooperation.

Begin by imagining that money ceases to be the currency of choice. Imagine you can have almost anything you want without having to reach into your pocket for your wallet. What if the billions of online users can make this happen?

Welcome to the world of Favorpals - a money-free system of exchange.

Favorpals provides the space where services can be freely exchanged for other services and/or goods - all without engaging in a traditional monetary transaction.

Craftsmen, artists, laborers, professionals - in fact anyone with skills or goods to trade can swap for the services or items they need with anyone in the Favorpals community. And because of the wide reach of the Web, they can make an exchange with someone around the corner or even a continent away.

We see a Favorpals "swap" as an especially meaningful event when the exchange crosses the divide between people from different walks of life, where both parties benefit equally regardless of class or status.

When using our website, please remember that the intention is not just to get a good deal but also to give one. Thank you for taking part in Favorpals.

Thank you for joining favorpals.