The 4 sec Interview with Craigslist Hero Craig Newmark
Part One: The email

"Sure, so send us the questions and we will get them to Craig and get you your responses. Thanks,"

Doug Kohl
Sierra Communications

"Below are the responses to the questions that Craig chose to respond to. Let us know if you need anything more for your piece."


"Craig will answer questions from a personal perspective but not comment on cl related questions. "

"Also when he has an overload of questions he prefers to answer those he can. "

Part Two: Craig's answers to our questions

1. Personal Sustainability Guy Stuff

* How do you save energy each day?
* What green tech have you put in place at home?
* What is your habit recycle?

I try to use as little as possible, specifically:

-- I try to buy only what I need, no status items.
-- seven year old Prius
-- low power electronics
-- low flow toilets
-- newer washing machine and other appliances
-- recycle everything I can
-- turning of appliances not in use
-- etc

2. Is Craigslist a Green Certified organization?

* Yes? By whom?
* If not yet, what's the deal?
* How goes the IT energy dial down?

[ Craig chose to not answer ]

3. C-list Foundation

What's kind of vision is a "hot ticket organization" for CF funding
and what is not? Examples please!

[ Craig chose to not answer ]

4. About your Community Board Efforts:

What is your role and vision for the Sunlight Foundation?

Sunlight's the leader in the accountability and transparency space, advocating open government and the disclosure of what government does. My role involves some guidance, but mostly, I bear witness to the others who do lots of good work.

Concerning VotoLatino ( ):
Are you following Robert Cantu. What is the story and what do want to happen? If not, what intrigues you here?

I believe that the voting rights of all Americans should be recognized.

5. CL boot camp

* Is the Boot Camp going global?
* Can you train these organizers online?

[ Craig chose to not answer ]

6. Mix it up!

When you blend the arts and the green movement, who or what do you get?

[ Craig chose to not answer ]

Most recent CD or music downloaded?

[ Craig chose to not answer ]

Who are the top three competitors of CL?

[ Craig chose to not answer ]

Please name three heroes and three villains


Leonard Cohen
Barack Obama
Beth Noveck