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New forms of technology and enterprise, from; new types of skills, new sources of generating wealth and new forms of social interaction - are among the benefits in the Age of Information. The corporate and local business community, public institutions and governments alike promote new technologies for the benefits they will bring. But, if these developments are seen as being beneficial, then many people, mostly the socio-economically and disadvantaged do not have access to these new technologies and the opportunities they bring. This should be a cause for concern among small businesses and corporations in relation to hiring individuals of next generation.

Many Americans today cannot compete in the industries of clean and renewable energies, bio-technology and/or the global world of finance and telecommunications. The result of this can be seen in Middle-American were industries did not reinvest in the retraining of its people who are now left struggling to make ends meet because they can’t compete in the global market economy. With American corporations out-sourcing to non-Americans (operating aboard) and the existing war has brought about the economic fluctuation of the U.S. economy. Slowly American business are being reduce do to its inability to reinvest into the infrastructures and enforce the technical training that would be required of local companies to staying ahead and above the global competition.

Americans today are slowly becoming at-risk do to the reduction of professional salaries which is bring about the social inequality regardless of one’s origins and/or socio-economic background. Therefore, becoming nation that will be "globally excluded", in the current jargon-standing on the wrong side of the "digital divide". As an educator and founder of a non-profit has been to educating local businesses (i.e. entrepreneurs and their employees) and communities (i.e. youth, families and their children) with instruction into staying abreast in the latest and forever changing technology. My goal is to empower individuals to compete in the global world economy of finance and environmental technology.



04/10/2009 - 21:36